Learn How to Make Handmade Garden Accessories near Dalton at Manda’s Plant Farm this Summer!

Are you a garden enthusiast? If so, then you know what a beautiful garden can do for your Canton, Ohio home’s exterior! However, instead of putting those store bought figures in your garden this summer, consider taking part in the concrete classes at Manda’s Plant Farm! During these classes, you’ll be able to create concrete garden accessories to enhance your Dalton, Ohio garden’s appearance! These classes include learning how to make hypertufa troughs, fairy houses, and to make leaf castings! However, you don’t have to visit Manda’s Plant Farm just for the classes. As a matter of fact, Manda’s Plant Farm offers a variety of plants for gardening beginners and experts alike! Could your Wadsworth, Ohio residence use a few more plants on the premises? Manda’s Plant Farm has it all! They even offer a variety of miniature garden accessories to enhance the mini garden you’ve wanted to start this year. To learn how to start your miniature garden or to pick up a few plants for your residence, visit the experts at Manda’s Plant Farm!

Manda’s Plant Farm is best known for their quality plants, educated planting tips, and affordable prices. However, they also offer a variety of concrete classes to help you make the concrete garden accessories to enhance your garden! These classes are as follows:

  • Sunday, June 30 – 2 PM – Fairy House Class
  • Tuesday, July 9 – 6PM – Leaf Casting Class
  • Thursday, July 11 – 6PM – Hypertufa Trough Class
  • Sunday, July 14 – 2PM – Hypetufa Trough Class

Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to do cast a leaf? Using large leaves, you can create a beautiful work of art that can be turned in to something functional like a bird feeder or bird bath. Or, you can just use it to decorate your Wadsworth garden. After all, concrete is designed to withstand the changing weather and maintain their appearance for many years to come! For something made for function, creating a hypertufa trough is an excellent option! These troughs will allow you to keep the plants you love on display on your front porch or anywhere else outside for others to enjoy as well!

Understandably, not everyone can have a large garden on their Dalton or Canton property. For those individuals, consider creating a mini garden! The first step to creating these mini gardens is to create a miniature house! To learn how to make these gardens, drop by for the fun-filled classes at Manda’s Plant Farm!

Your Wadsworth, Ohio garden is something you plant by hand and work at to create something beautiful! Shouldn’t your garden accessories be the same? At Manda’s Plant Farm, you can learn to make the concrete garden accessories you love to enhance the beauty of your Dalton, Ohio residence this summer! Have you wanted to do a casting of a leaf but weren’t sure how or when to do it? Learn how to preserve the beautiful image of a leaf at Manda’s Plant Farm’s leaf casting class! If you’re ready to learn how to make these beautiful leaves, fairy houses, and troughs for your Canton, Ohio home, take part in one of the amazing classes Manda’s Plant Farm has to offer this summer! For more information, call 330.854.2637 or find them on Facebook!

Manda’s Plant Farm
6390 Erie Ave. NW
Canal Fulton, OH 44614

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