Learn More about Soft Carpet Care from the Knowledgeable Associates of Stoller Floors in Orrville, Ohio

If you are like many homeowners from around the Dalton, Ohio and Wayne County, Ohio area, soft or ultra-plush carpet can feel like a blessing and a curse. While there’s nothing better than being able to sink your bare feet into cloud-like carpet, it can leave you feeling pretty lost as to how to go about cleaning it. The knowledgeable flooring associates of Stoller Floors in Orrville, Ohio are a great resource to consider when purchasing carpet. Not only can they share with you all of the carpet cleaning tips that are necessary for soft carpet care, their flooring showroom is full of durable carpet options that are super soft and easy to clean.

This may come as a surprise to some, but “soft” carpet doesn’t necessarily equate with “delicate” carpet. The Stoller Floors associates know that while some homeowners may genuinely be interested in purchasing ultra-plush carpet for their Wayne County home, they may shy away from the idea simply because they assume it is hard to maintain. If that’s you, make sure that you ask to see soft carpet varieties from carpet brands known for durable carpet options. Brands like Mohawk feature luxuriously soft carpet options that are made to withstand wear and tear, cleaning, and years of use. There are plenty of options to consider for your Dalton home, as you will see when you visit the flooring showroom at Stoller Floors.

Another common issue with soft carpet varieties is the fact that many homeowners have no idea about which types of vacuum cleaners are best for plush carpet. As the Stoller Floors associates can tell you, one of the keys to soft carpet care is finding the right vacuum for the type of carpet you have. Some initial things to consider would include whether or not your vacuum has adjustable height settings, sufficient airflow, and larger wheels for easy movement. Even more helpful are the warranty guides that people receive when they purchase carpet. If you were to purchase some comfortably soft Mohawk brand carpet from Orrville flooring store, you would receive a warranty brochure containing a large variety of carpet cleaning tips to help you get the most out of your carpet. Of course, when browsing through the soft carpet options at Stoller Floors, you can always ask about carpet care while talking with any of their associates.

If you have ever fell in love with the look and feel of soft or ultra-plush carpet while visiting a flooring showroom, don’t be dismayed by the prospect of soft carpet care! Be sure to mention some of your soft carpet concerns to the associate helping you at Stoller Floors, and they will be sure to give you some reassurance, as well as some helpful carpet cleaning tips for the type of carpet you purchase. If you’re interested in checking out the types of durable carpet options that Stoller Floors has prior to visiting their store, feel free to visit their company website at www.stollerfloors.com. It’s a great way to find inspiration for your Dalton, Ohio or Wayne County, Ohio home. For questions about soft carpet varieties, don’t hesitate to contact Stoller Floors today by calling 330.683.4763 or 866.786.5537.

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