Lefty’s Car Care in Wayne County, Ohio Offers Affordable Vehicle Repair Service

Yyou know that the construction crews still have some work left to do, if you travel the roads in Wayne County, Ohio! While general wear and tear and pot holes might have left your vehicle in need of a little TLC and quite possibly a front end alignment, there is hope! Lefty’s Car Care on Lincoln Way in Wooster, Ohio invites you to step back in time to a place where friendly mechanics checked under the hood, gave your car a thorough inspection, and put on winter tires to ensure your safety. Lefty’s Car Care technicians treat your Orrville, Ohio car as if it were the vehicle carrying their own family. So, you can be sure that the vehicle repair service being performed is quality work!

When you bring your vehicle to Lefty’s Car Care, a sense of nostalgia creeps up on you. Classic cars and vintage soda machines in the showroom remind you that this is not a “typical” vehicle repair service shop. Lefty’s Car Care recently moved to their location in Wooster and doubled the size of their business! And it is no wonder why. With the personal and professional service that Orrville car owners have received, the old location simply couldn’t handle all the work and referrals! Now with 5,000 square feet of space and four bays, Lefty’s Car Care can handle any of your car maintenance needs, as well as get it ready for the Wayne County weather with a front end alignment or new tires.

Speaking of tires, Lefty’s Car Care not only expanded their facility, they also expanded the selection of tires they carry. Name brands you know and trust like GT Radial, Delta, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Bridgestone, and Michelin are all available in the shop. If you are not sure if you need winter tires, Lefty’s Car Care has the following tips to see if a change in tires is in order! As a rule of thumb, the primary function of tread on a tire is to divert water or snow away from the tire—improving the traction and preventing you from hydroplaning on wet and slushy roads. When your tread is worn, this does not occur. When tread on tires is worn, the term “bald tires” is often used because the appearance of the tire is smooth with little visible tread. So, how do you check your tire to see if it has enough tread? Well, most everyone has heard of the penny test, but what exactly is the penny test and how do you do it? Grab a penny and head on out to your car. Take the penny and place it upside down in the tread of your tire with Lincoln facing you. If you can see Lincoln’s head or the copper above it, then it is time for new tires from Lefty’s Car Care.

Next, stop by an auto supply store in Orrville, Ohio. Ask the associate for a tread depth gauge. These devices are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. This device will show you the depth of the tread on your tire. If it measures 1/16th of an inch or under, give Lefty’s Car Care a call! It’s time for new tires! Also, when checking the tread on your tires, keep an eye out for unusual tread wear. Tires with tread patterns that are wearing unevenly might indicate that you need a front end alignment. As always, if you are unsure if you need new winter tires, an alignment, or if you just need general vehicle repair service, stop on out to Lefty’s Car Care on 321 East Lincoln Way in Wooster, Ohio, or give them a call at 330.601.1459. Lefty’s Car Care is also on Facebook. Go to www.faceboook.com/LeftysCarCare, become a friend of this Wayne County, Ohio shop and look for special deals to get your car in shape for winter!

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