Lefty’s Car Care in Wooster, Ohio Can Get You Tires on a Budget

With the first flurries of winter falling, Lefty’s Car Care in Wooster, Ohio is preparing their vehicles for the snow with the rest of Wayne County, Ohio. When it comes to tires, you should never be left out in the cold. If you live in the Orrville, Ohio area and need to get some affordable tires for your vehicle, then Lefty’s Car Care is the place to go. Whether you want light truck tires or a new tire for your lawn mower before you forget about it, the prices at Lefty’s beat competitor prices. With the holidays coming, you need tires on a budget, and Lefty’s is the place to go for all your tire needs.

Not sure you’ll need new tires this winter as you drive through those Orrville streets? You can never be too safe with your tires, especially in winter time. One bad tire can lead to loss of traction, which could potentially result in an accident with your vehicle or worse. Lefty’s Car Care wants you to avoid this possibility by purchasing your tires from them. They beat competitor prices more often than not by about $100 a set. And that includes having your tires mounted, balanced, and installed before you leave. Think of what else you could purchase saving that much money! Though they are becoming one of Wooster’s largest tire dealers, they’re not letting it go to their heads, and are still offering you their extremely low priced tires to ensure you get the best deals and the best tires around. What makes this Wayne County location even better is that they have tires that are exclusive to their shop that other shops in the area may not have. For example, you could purchase a GT Radial Maxtour tire that has an 80,000 Mile warranty for the price of a 40,000 mile warranty tire! Need tires on a budget? Lefty’s offers Finalist Brand tires with 40,000 mile warranties at an affordable price. Now’s the time to find everything from light truck tires for that pickup of yours to a tire for your ATV you just haven’t had time to replace since summer. While you’re at Lefty’s, why not pick up a spare? It pays to be safe, and in this case, you don’t have to pay a lot to get it!

Lefty’s Car Care in Wooster, Ohio has been progressively making a name for itself, so what’s stopping you from visiting? Whether you need tires on a budget or just want to get a new set before winter, Lefty’s is the place to go. This Wayne County, Ohio location has great deals on light truck tires, as well as other tires you may need that beat competitor prices. If you live in the Orrville, Ohio area, and are looking for some great tire deals, visit Lefty’s Car Care on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/LeftysCarCare or call 330.601.1459 to see what they can do for your tire needs today!

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