Lefty’s Car Care is the Affordable Auto Repair Shop in Wooster, Ohio You Need This Winter

Are you ready for winter? There are many things you need to look into during the cold season to ensure your vehicle is well maintained and running well. Before the snow hits Wayne County, Ohio, take your vehicle in for its routine maintenance as repairs may become more costly if not treated as soon as the problem begins. Lefty’s Car Care can help with any light truck repair you may need, as well as shock and strut maintenance. When it comes to your vehicle, you want an affordable auto repair shop that will give you honest advice and honest repairs. Lefty’s Car Care in Wooster, Ohio can keep your vehicle in working order with a quality brake replacement that will make your winter driving less treacherous and more reliable. If you live in the Orrville, Ohio area and are looking for other ways to maintain your vehicle, why not visit Lefty’s Car Care for an anti-freeze flush and fill? Keeping appropriate levels of antifreeze in your vehicle will keep your car running smoothly this winter, and the chance of needing repairs lower. For this and more, make sure you get your vehicle to Lefty’s Car Care!

The winter can be rough on vehicles, just as any of the weather in Wayne County can be regardless of season. However, the cold has a way of making things more difficult than it should be. Are your brakes squealing, grinding, or even slipping? Don’t wait for things to get worse; take your vehicle into Lefty’s Car Care. This affordable auto repair shop in Wooster has quality brake replacement that will have your car back in perfect working order before you know it. While the professionals are working on your brakes, consider getting some shock and strut maintenance work done while you’re there. Your shocks and struts are just as important as any other part of your car, and also assist with a smoother ride. By not replacing a damaged strut or shock, you start allowing your vehicle to become more treacherous because the ability to control the vehicle can become more difficult. During the winter months with snow and ice on the ground, you want to be even safer than normal. Lefty’s Car Care has lower prices than the dealership and can get your vehicle running safely once more in a short amount of time at a fair price!

Was your truck in a recent fender bender that left damages? If so, Lefty’s Car Care can help using their skill in light truck repair. Don’t forget to get a front end alignment while you’re there! If you’re looking to buy a used car but aren’t sure if it has been in a fender bender or worse, the knowledgeable technicians at Lefty’s Car Care will go over your vehicle before you buy it and tell you what may need fixed on it for the low fee of $20! Whether you’re looking for an oil change, an anti-freeze flush and fill, or you’re just looking for some quality new tires at affordable prices, Lefty’s Car Care is your ideal location!

Being prepared for winter in Orrville, Ohio means keeping your vehicle maintained from the inside out using various methods. One way to keep your vehicle in proper working order is to check your anti-freeze levels. Lefty’s Car Care in Wayne County, Ohio will even check it for free for you! An anti-freeze flush and fill is something to get while you’re there to keep your vehicle working well this winter. Getting your brakes checked is also a good idea. If you’re already sliding from the ice and snow, making sure your brakes are working properly or getting a quality brake replacement will make driving safer for you and those around you this winter. Whether you’re looking to get a little shock and strut maintenance done or you’re looking for some light truck repair from a fender bender, this affordable auto repair shop in Wooster, Ohio can get the job done right at amazing rates! With such a professional and knowledgeable set of technicians, why go to anywhere but Lefty’s Car Care for your vehicle repair needs? For more information, call Lefty’s Car Care at 330.601.1459 or friend them on Facebook today!

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