Lefty’s Car Care is Wayne County, Ohio’s Affordable Auto Repair Shop

Most of us are not lucky enough to know or understand what happens under the hood of our car. If the car stops, catches on fire, or starts to go up in smoke mid-drive, that’s a negative. That’s as far as most people’s understanding of cars goes. Once one of these things start to go wrong, you quickly find yourself looking for a reliable auto repair shop in Wooster, Ohio or Orrville, Ohio area that you can trust. Being able to find a repair shop you can depend on can be difficult. Finding affordable car care can be equally, if not more difficult. The car industry, whether you are buying, selling or fixing, is notorious for being misleading. Lefty’s Car Care is a local, family owned business in Wayne County, Ohio that has built their business on the foundation of trust and respect.

Lefty’s Car Care has been in business for four years in the Wayne County area. Being a small, family owned company, Lefty’s treats each customer like an old family friend. In a close community, knowing who you are going to can be important and you very well might! The owner, Steve and his wife, Laura have been active within the community for years. Not only do they run Lefty’s, but Laura is also an Elementary school teacher where their three young children have gone to school. Lefty’s Car Care understands the importance of keeping your family car safely on the road at an affordable price.

Lefty’s Car Care can assist any vehicle you may have from economy to fleet vehicles, including vans and contractor trucks. Lefty’s is a full service, reliable auto repair shop. If you are having trouble with shocks, struts, tires, or needs preventative repairs on your engine, Lefty’s can help. Lefty’s provides affordable car care, and can fix any issues you may have or prevent future problems, while still keeping their prices the lowest in the area, which also includes Orrville.

Unlike a lot of other automobile repair shops, Lefty’s also offers auto detailing. Once your car is running smoothly again, you may want to pamper it with a full service detailing. Lefty’s will thoroughly wash, wax and polish any automobile you bring in. You can also shop for tires while you are there! If you are looking for a full set of brand new tires or just need to replace one of the ones you have, Lefty’s offers the top names in the tire business for an affordable price. Bridgestone, Firestone, Kuhmo and many more line the walls of Lefty’s.

Before your car stalls out, goes up in smoke or stops all together while you are driving through hills of Wayne County, Ohio, give Lefty’s a call at (330) 601-1459. Lefty’s Car Care family owned, reliable auto repair shop offers the most affordable car care in the Wooster, Ohio and Orrville Ohio areas. Lefty’s understands the importance of treating local customers like family. Why would you want anyone other than that working on your car?

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