Lefty’s Car Care Offers Affordable Diagnostic Repair to Dalton, Ohio

Sometimes the way we know something is wrong with the car is when whatever is rattling refuses to be drowned out by the radio. Until that point, the car is fine. Once it reaches that point, whatever is wrong with the car can be expensive, especially if any diagnostic repair needs done to your car. With gas prices soaring, credit lines shrinking, the economy still far from recovered, and you don’t want to have to spend an arm and a leg repairing your car. Lefty’s Car Care understands that your car operating smoothly is important and not only provides honest car care but also keeps their prices competitive. Local car repair company, Lefty’s, offers affordable diagnostic repair, brake checks, tires and more. No matter what the problem is Lefty’s Car Care keeps Wooster, Ohio; Orrville, Ohio; and Dalton, Ohio drivers safely on the road.

Knowing where to go for honest car care can be important. Lefty’s is run by owner, Steve Schlauch and his wife, Laura Schlauch. Not only have Steve and Laura been active within the community for years but Laura is also an Elementary school teacher where their three young children have gone to school. Being a local car repair company, Lefty’s treats each customer like they would treat a family friend. Leftys Car Care understands the importance of keeping your family car safely on the road at an affordable price.

While Lefty’s Car Care has only been in business for four years, the business has quickly expanded. Lefty’s has recently moved to a new location. Lefty’s in now just minutes to the east end of Wooster, Ohio. The new shop is located one mile east of downtown, a short drive from Route 30. When your car is in need of attention, location can be the most important thing! Lefty’s is now even more accessible to you, wherever you are. The new location is a five thousand and one hundred square foot facility with multiple bays and lifts. These new, extra bays and lifts allow the talented team at Lefty’s to work on more cars, getting your car back on the road quicker than before. With new lifts Lefty’s is also now able to work on light truck repair as well.

Whether your truck or car needs work on your brakes, struts, shocks, or are in need of affordable diagnostic repair, Lefty’s can help. It is important to have an honest car care shop that you can rely on for all of your car needs, because you know what is not fun? Driving down the highway and your car suddenly shuts off your message board, letting you know how fast you are going, if you have gas or if your car is overheating. Your car decides to make it a guessing game, turning your car into Final Destination on wheels. Not being able to know how fast you are going or if you need gas is not only inconvenient but it is also unsafe. Finding affordable diagnostic repair can be challenging. However, Lefty’s Car Care has the lowest prices around. To keep your car running safely, Lefty’s should be your first stop.

Before that rattling becomes a serious problem or your message board decides to keep you guessing, call Lefty’s Car Care at (330) 601-1459. Local car repair company, Lefty’s, offers honest car care to the residents of Wooster, Ohio; Orrville, Ohio; and Dalton, Ohio. As one of the most reliable shops around, Lefty’s understands the importance of keeping your car safely on the road, which is why Lefty’s Car Care offers the most affordable diagnostic repair you can find. You can visit Lefty’s shop Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm.

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