Li Asian Cuisine in Canton, Ohio Enhances Asian Food with Experience

Experience is a good teacher. It helps in life, in love, and it shows in our work when we live for what we do and love it too. This is certainly the case at Li Asian Cuisine in Canton, Ohio. The classy yet comfortable restaurant is the creation of two seasoned professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. Years spent returning dining pleasure to post-war China. And time served opening and operating successful eateries in Japan and the US. Partners for more than 15 years, Clement Liu and Yu-Hong Li have applied their expertise to their newest venture. Their offerings of Japanese food, Thai food and Mongolian food highlight their travels and dazzle their guests. Residents of Louisville, Ohio; Perry Heights, Ohio; and Wooster, Ohio can experience authentic Asian food without traveling far from home.

Table dining, take-out, and food-court style restaurants highlight the list of accomplishments for the owners of Li Asian Cuisine. Liu with 20 successful food-court styles ventures under his belt, and Li who has worked abroad and previously held the restaurant reins elsewhere in Ohio. A look at the understated but impressive atmosphere they have created in Li Asian Cuisine reflects how their tastes have developed over the years. And a look at their menu which represents multiple styles of Asian food shows how their thoughts of culture and quality dining have developed over time.

Not many places manage to provide the variety of Asian food that is well represented at Li Asian Cuisine. Sushi and Hibachi have grown to be American Japanese food favorites. Yet, few Americans have experienced either as they are truly meant to be served – fresh and inventive. Li Asian Cuisine touts the history of each Asian culture represented on their menu. Their full Sushi bar with traditional delights and insightful creations allow diners from Louisville, Perry Heights, and Wooster to taste the difference that experience makes. Guests can also watch Hibachi cooking experts in action; giving an added level of authenticity, excitement, and intrigue to the comfortable restaurant.

The inclusion of Thai Food and Mongolian Food adds to the ingenuity of Li Asian Cuisine. The incorporation of these cuisines shows the owners’ desire to share their love of Asian food and culture with residents of Canton and surrounding areas. The cultural exploration for guests is enhanced by the restaurant’s tailored wine list. With selections intended for pairing with menu items, glasses or bottles from the list blend with flavors hot off the Hibachi grill or picked from the menu.

Head over to Li Asian Cuisine and share in the experience of authentic Asian food. Whether you begin with a familiar bento box or dive right in to something new, the comfortable restaurant is ready to welcome you. Visit their website at and view their Japanese food, Thai food, and Mongolian food choices. And feel free to call them at 330.493.9767 to place an order or ask a question. Curiosity may spark your first visit from Louisville, Ohio; Perry Heights, Ohio; or Wooster, Ohio; but the beauty of experience will bring you back.

Li Asian Cuisine
4695 Dressler Road NW
Canton, Ohio 44718
Ph: 330.493.9767

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