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Hosner Carpet One realizes that chances are you don’t buy flooring very often. So when you do, you want to be sure you are getting the right product for the right price along with the best service. With one of the largest selections of carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, (along with area rugs and countertops), Hosner Carpet One has got your flooring needs covered. (pardon the pun!)

They know that from formal to casual, nothing expresses your vision for your home like flooring does. Your floors help set the tone and mood you want to create in your personal space. The following flooring guide will help you understand what your flooring options are and which ones are the best for you.

A carpeted floor is comfortable, colorful and versatile and one of the most popular types of floor covering. There’s nothing like the soft feel of a nice carpet. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it makes any room more inviting and comfortable. Plus, with so many styles and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the right carpet for every décor and every taste. There are three basic types of carpeting: Cut Pile, Loop Pile, and Cut & Loop Pile. (Pile refers to the fiber yarns which are tufted or sewn into the backing.) How these fiber yarns are cut and twisted helps determine the texture and durability of the carpet. In addition, most fibers today are either synthetic or natural wool which offer varying degrees of wear and stain resistance. But not every style of carpet is designed for every type of room use. Plush or Saxony carpets are great for formal settings because of their smooth texture and luxurious look and feel. Saxony is more resilient than Plush, so it can be used in higher traffic areas. For versatility in casual situations, durable carpet styles such as Textured Saxony, curly textured Frieze and the ever-popular Berber carpets are perfect in playrooms, workrooms, basements and other active areas. Although Shag carpet offers a relaxed and informal style, its deep, twisted yarn texture tends to mat easily and should only be used in lighter traffic areas – no hallways please! In family rooms or other casual rooms where people are on the floor a lot, Cable carpet has a thick, soft texture that wears better than regular shag.

Hardwood flooring is elegant, traditional and adaptable. Since colonial days, hardwood floors have been desired for their color, grain and lasting beauty. Rich in appeal, hardwood floors enhances virtually any decor style with its natural beauty and strength. Casual or formal, modern or classic, hardwood is right at home in any setting. Generally, there two types of hardwood flooring— solid or engineered. Whether it’s a strip or plank, solid hardwood flooring is a single piece of wood, which can easily be customized and can be re-sanded to change finishes. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is made of 3 to 5 layers laminated together with grains running at different angles. While engineered hardwood looks like solid hardwood, it is actually more structurally stable and can be used anywhere, even places like basements where moisture may be an issue. When properly installed and sealed, hardwood flooring requires minimal care to maintain its good looks. Simply vacuum regularly and wipe weekly with a damp mop. And, since it’s sealed it can’t absorb spills, so it won’t stain.
While you can add an elegant appeal to most any room with the rich, traditional color and texture of hardwood flooring, there is some hardwood information you need to have before deciding which type of hardwood to select or whether to choose it at all. Hardwood is an excellent choice for areas where you may want to change looks at a future date, since it can sanded and refinished to meet changing tastes. However, solid hardwood is not recommended for basements or in rooms where excess moisture is present, such as kitchens, baths, saunas, and enclosed porches. It also tends scratch easier than engineered hardwoods, so careful consideration should be given to using it in homes with large pets. On the other hand, engineered hardwood is a perfect alternative virtually any place solid hardwood is used including basements and other areas where scratch resistance and added longevity are important. While it tends to resist moisture better than solid hardwood, it still may not be the best choice for kitchens and bath. The only drawback to engineered hardwood is that it cannot be sanded and refinished.

Tile floors are versatile, beautiful and distinctive. Offered in a wide range of materials and colors, tile offers endless design possibilities. It is also very durable and easy to maintain. There are a number of common tile materials available, each offering their own unique characteristics. Natural stone, such as granite or limestone, are naturally formed so no two pieces are exactly alike. This helps create elegant and distinctive floors. In either glazed or unglazed styles, ceramic tiles are a popular choice for attractive, long-lasting floors. Glass, mosaic and metal tiles provide opportunities for fresh creative expression in flooring design. While tile requires careful installation, it is a preferred choice for high traffic areas, like entryways and places where moisture is an issue, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Granite is highly dense and resists bacteria and moisture which makes it ideal for kitchens, outdoors and high traffic areas. Marble, although not as tough as granite, is still well suited for bathrooms and lower traffic areas. Limestone is a softer stone that is decoratively versatile, but not recommended for high traffic areas. Slate has qualities that make it naturally slip resistant as well as hard and durable which helps make a good looking, long lasting floor for any room.
All ceramic, glass and metal tiles are versatile and can be used in a variety of rooms, although glass and metal are usually added to designs as an accent. It is important to note that tile floors are heavy, so it’s critical to make sure the sub-flooring is sturdy enough to support the weight. In addition, tile floors can also be chilly on the feet (not a bad thing in warm climates) and sometimes slippery.

Vinyl flooring is practical, modern and flexible. Depending on the grade, vinyl flooring can fit any style and budget. Relatively inexpensive, yet durable and easy to maintain, vinyl is available in an amazing selection of colors and patterns to complement virtually any decor. Vinyl is offered with three different types of wear surfaces – vinyl no-wax, urethane and enhanced urethane. Once a breakthrough flooring technology, no-wax is now basically an “entry-level” surface which offers resistance to scuffs and stains, but still lacks the durability and low maintenance properties of urethane which offers more resistance to black heel marks, dirt and most household chemicals. In addition to choices in wear surface and grade, vinyl comes in both individual tiles and sheets and can be installed over most any surface. It is especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms (if moisture rated by the manufacturer). Most vinyl just requires routine sweeping and mopping.
Vinyl flooring is highly affordable, easy to maintain and the most popular of all flooring options. While typically not recommended for use in formal rooms, is an excellent choice for many other areas of the home because it is durable and easy to clean and maintain. It is right at home in high traffic areas such as kitchens, baths, playrooms, mudrooms and entryways. In most cases, it also has a high degree of moisture resistance to spills which reinforces its suitability for kitchens and baths. Generally, an enhanced urethane wear surface vinyl is a better choice due to its tougher resistance to black heel marks, dirt, and household chemicals, which all tend to accompany high traffic. Another consideration when choosing vinyl flooring is that it is resilient which means it “gives” a little bit, making it much easier on the back and legs than harder materials like tile if you are on your feet a lot, such as in the kitchen for instance.

Laminate flooring is decorative, durable and affordable, offering the beautiful, true look of real wood, tile or stone at a substantially lower cost. For this reason, easy care laminates have emerged as one of today’s hottest and most versatile flooring options. Laminate flooring is actually a four-layer sandwich product constructed of a protective wear layer over a decorative sheet containing the pattern, which is supported by a rigid core and a bottom balancing layer to help prevent warping. The result is one tough flooring that resists fading, stains, scratches and moisture. In fact, laminates frequently outlast real hardwood, tile or stone floors. Simple and easy to maintain, laminates are an excellent choice for high traffic areas like hallways and family rooms, plus moisture areas such as kitchens and baths. There’s hardly any room in the house where it’s not a smart choice. In formal rooms such as dining rooms and living rooms, laminate has the look of expensive natural flooring materials at a fraction of the cost, while also offering more resistance to scratches and stains. Laminate also brings the look of hardwood to rooms where the natural material couldn’t be used due to moisture concerns. Laminate flooring offers better moisture and stain resistance than many natural materials and at a lower cost and creates exciting, new decorative possibilities.
We hope this Flooring Guide has been helpful to you. From their modest beginnings in 1966, Hosner Carpet One always held on to their core values of service, quality, and value. Today the are one of largest flooring stores in northeast Ohio offering expert flooring products and services with that stem from their philosophy of offering their customers the finest certified service available in the marketplace. Not to go unnoticed, Hosner Carpet One has received the “5 Diamond Installation Excellence” award for their sales and installation staff and superior service.

Visit them at 4925 West Tuscarawas Street in Canton, across from Central Catholic High School or go their website at http://www.carpetone.com.Their phone number is 330-754-4822.

iShop Stark is a BIG fan of Hosner Carpet One. Our staff have patronized them for years and can testify to the professional and personal service we have received, along with the beautiful floors and great service and prices! Thanks Hosner Carpet One!

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