Maintain Your Drinking Water System with Cartridge Filters from Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio

The most refreshing drink in your home or office should be a glass of water. In parts of Northeast Ohio, however, it takes a drinking water system to make it so. Designed to remove unwanted minerals and sediments, these systems rely on filters and softening salts. And Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio offers a variety of each for families in Massillon, Ohio and companies in North Canton, Ohio. The water center’s selection of cartridge filters, for example, includes polypropylene, carbon-briquette, and activated carbon cartridges.

Dirt and sand are the primary sediments that cartridge filters remove from water. This makes their role in your drinking water system pivotal! By eliminating particles, cartridge filters essentially clear the way for your softener salt to do its job. Combined, these components ensure that the water in your glass is indeed refreshing. And they also keep undesirable deposits out of your laundry and hair, and off of your hands and dishware.

This crisp, clean, clear, soft water scenario hinges upon a properly maintained drinking water system. For families in Massillon and companies in Canton and North Canton, that means a few things. Atop the list is system and product selection which the experts at Vern Dale’s Water Center can help you with. Through their assessment of your usage and testing of your water, they can make sure you have the right drinking water system and supplies for your needs and issues.

Whether you’re providing water for four or 40 and your current water concerns will influence the experts’ advice. Common concerns like bad taste, chlorine taste, and odor, for example, may prompt them to suggest their GAC Series granular activated carbon cartridges. Available in a variety of sizes and flow rates, these cartridges are designed for maximum absorption and to reduce carbon fines.

Should your water concerns include the presence of cryptosporidium, giardia, entamoeba or toxoplasmacysts in your water supply, other cartridge filters in the company’s inventory shown here may be suggested:

Vern Dale’s Water Center Cartridge Filters

CBC Series Carbon-Briquette Cartridges

CBR2 Series Carbon Briquette Multimedia Cartridges

GAC Series Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges

CW/WP Series Polypropylene Wound Cartridges

For details on each of these cartridge filters, visit For expert analysis of your drinking water and help selecting and maintaining the right drinking water system for you, call 330.455.9466. Be it activated carbon cartridges or others designed to delete protozoans that’s best for you, the team at Vern Dale’s Water Center can identify and satisfy your water needs. With their help, each glass of water in your Massillon, Ohio home or North Canton, Ohio office will be as refreshing as it should be.

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