Make a Miniature Garden and Get Hanging Baskets for Mother’s Day at Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio

There is a lot of attention on gardens this time of year. It can be an exciting time for homeowners. But what about people who don’t have free range outside? Renters, people short on free time, and formerly avid gardeners who now live in nursing homes, for instance. Lots of folks are left out of the typical garden. But with the help of Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, Ohio, they don’t have to be without a garden. Manda’s Plant Farm is the source of vegetable plants for people around Clinton, Ohio; Orrville, Ohio; and Barberton, Ohio. They also have mini plants and tips on how to create a terrarium which is commonly called a miniature garden and able to thrive indoors. And just in time for Mother’s Day, Manda’s Plant Farm has hanging baskets filled with flowers in bloom.

Terrariums are becoming extremely popular. They bring the joy of gardening indoors and within reach of people who don’t have the space, time, ability or desire to construct an outdoor garden. Part of the lure is that terrariums can be designed in various containers. They can be as large or small as an indoor gardener wants them to be. Being contained stops pets and children from being able to tamper with the mini plants inside. And that stops indoor gardeners from finding tattered plants, spilled dirt, footprints, hand prints, and paw prints all over the place. It also allows the miniature garden to create its own ecosphere with minimal care.

At Manda’s Plant Farm in Canal Fulton, you can find a wide assortment of mini plants in two-inch pots. They also have all sorts of miniature garden accessories like beach balls, umbrellas, chairs, gazing balls, arbors, and benches to name a few. Together, the varying plants and interesting accessories allow you to create a terrarium that shows your personality or reminds you of a special place. A miniature garden is great for apartments, offices, and even dorm rooms. With their total containment and minimal upkeep, they also make perfect gifts for the elderly.

Manda’s Plant Farm has full-sized flowers and plants to fill outdoor gardens too. They don’t want to deprive anyone of the joy of gardening! Flowering plants and foliage can be found at Manda’s Plant Farm along with miniature conifers and shrubs. Some items in their selection only grow an inch or two a year, and reach of maximum heights of 10 to 12 inches.

When it comes to seasonal delights, Manda’s Plant Farm comes through again. Right now, they have hanging baskets filled with assorted flowers that make great Mother’s Day gifts. They can spice up a front porch in Clinton, make a patio pretty in Orrville, and adorn every window in Barberton. Hanging baskets let admirers have flowers for much longer than a bouquet will last. And since they are up and out of the way, they are safe from tiny hands and paws too.

Spring is in at Manda’s Plant Farm in more ways than one because cold crops are in their seasonal prime!  They have a full spread of vegetable plants including asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and lettuce. Grab some of the onions, potatos, and carrots at Manda’s Plant Farm too!

Curiosity alone can draw you to Manda’s Plant Farm. Vegetable plants, mini plants, seasonal blooms, and weeping cherry trees are there! Select hanging baskets for Mother’s Day gifts and get your miniature garden supplies plus tips on how to create a terrarium in one visit. If by chance you are overwhelmed and can’t decide, gift certificates are available! Make your way from Clinton, Ohio; Orrville, Ohio; or Barberton, Ohio today. And if you’re looking to add a specific item to your existing garden, call Manda’s Plant Farm at 330.854.2637 and ask for it!

Manda’s Plant Farm
6390 Erie Avenue NW
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

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