Make Fall Pruning a Priority by Calling Hollinger Tree Service near North Canton, Ohio

Homeowners do what they can as far as yard maintenance goes, but some projects require a professional touch. Take tree care service, for instance. If you opt to shape the foliage in your Wooster, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or North Canton, Ohio yard yourself, you could wind up doing significant damage that will take at least a year grow back! Rather than taking on the task of tree trimming yourself, it’s in your best interest to call a team of residential tree specialists with experience in this area. Hollinger Tree Service, for instance, can explain things about fall pruning that you would have never known otherwise!

As soon as summer ends and autumn begins, most homeowners feel as though they need to do some serious tree trimming. Otherwise, they’ll have to deal with leaves falling on their Wooster, Massillon, or North Canton property all season. Since no one relishes the thought of raking every day, fall pruning seems like the best approach, right?

Actually, you may be surprised to find that in this case, waiting is the option that most residential tree specialists would recommend.

During the late summer/early fall, trees are more susceptible to damage. If you choose to take care of all of your yard maintenance now, including tree trimming, it could lead to your trees developing fungal diseases. Since cuts in the wood don’t heal as quickly this time of year, open wounds are vulnerable to the development of fungus. Unless you want to enlist the help of Hollinger to remove parts of your trees that have been infected, you may want to hold off on tree care service for a while—at least any large projects.

Another reason you may not want to thin the top of your trees or eliminate any large limbs is that new growth won’t have the opportunity to flourish. Fall pruning may stimulate new growth, but any small twigs sprouting from your trees will be too weak to survive the winter cold. When spring rolls around again, you’ll just have to remove any damage that was caused from late summer/early fall tree trimming.

Despite these warnings, you can still keep your yard looking neat and clean in the fall. The residential tree specialists from Hollinger Tree Service would be happy to pay a visit to your home in order to prune a few small branches. Toward the end of the season when your trees are dormant, you can use Hollinger’s tree care service again to tackle any big jobs.

Though yard maintenance is important year-round, make sure you don’t do anything too drastic to the greenery on your Wooster, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or North Canton, Ohio property. If you’re unsure about fall pruning, just give the residential tree specialists from Hollinger a call at 330.268.2989. Having been providing tree care service to homeowners throughout the area for years, they can give you the tree trimming advice you need.

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