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When hot, humid weather arrives, but no rain comes with it, we begin to worry about all of our green and growing things. We fuss over flower beds in Canton, Ohio and worry over watering our vegetable gardens in Massillon, Ohio. What we often overlook are our Stark County, Ohio trees. Mild drought conditions may not affect a large, healthy tree. But what of older trees that are already beginning to show the ravages of time or newly planted saplings not yet hardy enough to withstand the heat and lack of nourishing rains? Here are a few tree care tips from Hollinger Tree Service, based in Louisville, Ohio, to help you get your trees safely through this summer, and a little advice about when it’s time to have professional tree-trimming and more!

The first thing that you should know is what to look for. Drought stress will manifest in different ways for different trees. Some symptoms can be seen in the leaves, such as yellowing, wilting, and curling—much like what you would expect in autumn. If you have evergreen trees, keep an eye out for discoloration here, too. Specifically, check for browning at the tips of the needles. While drought symptoms do not mean that your tree is a loss or completely dead, they are a gateway for future problems such as insect infestations and disease.  If you notice severe defects, such as splits or cracks, professional tree-trimming or removal may be necessary so as not to endanger the healthy part of the tree or neighboring trees.

So, how do you water a tree? Deeply! You will want the water to reach approximately 12 inches into the earth to get to the tree’s roots. Watering should be done within the tree’s drip-line, or the outer edges of the branches, and the ground should be saturated as much as possible. However, you want to avoid digging holes in an effort to reach deeper—the exposure is more likely to further dry out the roots.

The humidity is an important factor to consider when watering any of your Canton plants. Despite the lack of rain, our Stark County summer has been anything but arid. Mold and mildew love warm, damp conditions, and they would love to grow on the leaves of your tomato plants, flowers, or trees. Whenever possible, avoid watering the leaves, and stick purely to ground watering. When it comes to trees, watering the leaves is exceptionally inefficient. Regardless of other weather conditions, ground watering is always the best method for trees. If your trees are evergreens, extend your watering area three to five feet beyond the drip-line all around the tree.

Seeing signs that your Massillon tree has already suffered significant damage, such as a dead limb? Then, it’s time to make a call to the tree care experts of Hollinger Tree Service for professional tree-trimming or removal. Let’s face it—the drought won’t last forever. And, when it ends, it’s likely to do so with a literal bang (or at least a boom). When our notorious summer storms do make an appearance, a dead limb or a dead tree is an invitation for danger. It will take several long, soaking rains to undo the damage of the drought, not the short, but heavy downpour of a thunderstorm. A dead tree limb plus your dry lawn is a fire waiting to happen, just add lightening. Even the heavy winds are hazardous as a dead limb will not bend and sway, but simply break off, landing who knows where.

If you believe that any of your trees are showing signs of damage or disease, whether from drought-like conditions or the ravages of time, let Hollinger Tree Service come out to assess and remove any potential dangers. A locally-owned and operated company based in Louisville, Ohio and working throughout the Stark County, Ohio area, Hollinger Tree Service will provide you with the best tree care and professional tree-trimming or removal at competitive prices, while keeping the revenues in the community. Call 330.268.2989 to schedule an appointment or for 24 hour emergency service in the Canton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio areas!

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