Make Pet Dental Care a Priority with Tips from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Wadsworth, Ohio

Brushing your pet’s teeth is key to keeping them healthy. Whether yofu’re the proud pet parent of a Pug puppy or the esteemed owner of an adult Boxer, pet dental care is important! And according to the local vet staff at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Wadsworth, Ohio, it’s easier than most people in Norton, Ohio and Doylestown, Ohio may think.

Starting out on pets that are new to the whole brushing gig can be simple. The process begins with picking out the materials to use for brushing. It is vital that you get a pet friendly toothpaste since human toothpaste contains so many extra things that are good and healthy for us, but not for our pets. And you may be surprised to know that pet toothpaste comes in some very special flavors for your picky friend. Poultry flavor, beef flavor, and the favorite choice of your local vet – vanilla mint flavor, included.

The team at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Wadsworth is partial to vanilla mint because of its fragrance. Use this flavor for brushing your pet’s teeth, and you can expect it to help with bad breath as well as it fights tartar. Fighting tartar is, after all, the primary goal of pet dental care. Because if allowed to build up, tartar can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss for pets in Norton, Doylestown, and beyond.

With your pet toothpaste selected, it’s time to start brushing. Per your local vet, it is always best to brush with a toothbrush. But even the experts admit that this can be a very difficult thing to do. Especially with smaller dogs and cats. That’s why professionals in the veterinary field have made several changes to the ordinary toothbrush which can help. For example, there are now finger brushes that look like thimbles and techniques that don’t involve brushes at all.

The finger brushes that resemble thimbles are easy to hold. They also have bristles on one side to do the brushing, and they are available at most pet stores. These smaller options work well for brushing your pet’s teeth when you have a small dog or cat. But when it comes to performing at-home pet dental care for larger animals, you local vet says a simple tooth brush is best.

Of course, the team at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge knows that brushing your pet’s teeth with a toothbrush or finger brush may always be possible. So they urge pet owners who find the task too difficult to try swiping toothpaste across their pets’ teeth every other day for three to four weeks. The licking action that will immediately follow will aid in the fight against tartar build up as your pet’s tolerance for brushing builds. That is, unless you would rather have a professional near your home in Norton, Ohio or Doylestown, Ohio handle it all. Then, all you need to do is go to or call your local vet at 330.925.4910 and schedule a pet dental care appointment.

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