Make Your Wooster, Ohio Garden Pop with Perennial Flowers and More from Manda’s Plant Farm!

Many people assume that once we hit the middle of July, there are few (if any) chances of successful summer planting. With the high temperatures and stifling humidity, it seems that pollinators are unlikely to visit your Wooster, Ohio or Canton, Ohio garden. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, if you’re not pleased with the look of your flower beds and you’re hoping to find a way to fill them out, there are plenty of quality hydrangeas, garden shrubbery and other perennial flowers that you can incorporate into your bare landscape. The staff members at Manda’s Plant Farm are very well-versed in plants, so they can give you all the information you need to make your garden pop even during the summertime! Why not visit this local garden center near Barberton, Ohio to talk to Manda’s associates and select a few plants to improve your garden’s appearance before fall arrives?

When it comes to attracting pollinators and giving your garden a soft, elegant look, the limelight hydrangea is an excellent choice. This deciduous garden shrubbery offers beautiful blooms that are off-white in color and great at attracting both bees and butterflies. Plus, it changes colors throughout the seasons, often turning a bright red shade in the fall. Able to grow up to 8 feet in height, this quality hydrangea is especially useful if your Canton or Wooster garden needs something a bit larger to fill it. Though it’s extremely easy to maintain, even for the novice gardener, Manda’s Plant Farm is more than happy to offer some pruning tips so you can keep your quality hydrangea in peak condition through the rest of the year.

In addition to the limelight hydrangea, this local garden center near Barberton is featuring other gorgeous flora that you can use for your summer planting project. With purplish verbena, Campanula bluebells, Knautia, evening primrose, Helen Von Stein and more, Manda’s Plant Farm still has a lot of garden shrubbery and perennial flowers available to put in your garden space. Not only will many of these plants help to attract pollinators, but with proper care they will return in the spring season bigger and more vibrant than ever!

Depending on your level of gardening expertise, you may need some help selecting the perennial flowers and shrubs that will best fit your space. Luckily, the ladies at Manda’s Plant Farm are always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it’s by explaining the blooming times of their featured flowers or offering tips on optimum maintenance. So, why not head over now to see what they have in stock and to take advantage of their green thumbs?

Manda’s Plant Farm near Barberton, Ohio is still open for a few weeks, but if you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to peruse their inventory of garden shrubbery and perennial flowers, you better hurry! But before you take the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio home to start on your summer planting project, take a quick look at their Facebook page. This local garden center frequently posts new pictures of their quality hydrangeas so you can get a basic idea of how you’d like your flower beds to look this season.

Manda’s Plant Farm
6390 Erie Ave NW
Canal Fulton, Ohio
Ph: 330.854.2637

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