MAPS Air Museum is North Canton’s Fun & Educational Gem

MAPS Air Museum in North Canton, Ohio is the number one hidden gem in Stark County that’s fun and educational for kids. What is MAPS you ask? MAPS Air Museum stands for Military Aviation Preservation Society. It is a huge museum dedicated to educate aviation history through memorials, displays, and collections of artifacts in different exhibits.

At MAPS, you can find displays of artifacts to learn about Pearl Harbor, Rosie the Riveter, learn about who Nadine Harris-Bluhm was, when you visit the hanger, you can even see the first plane ever built! Walking through the main room of MAPS will take you back a step into a history of heroes and you will learn something fascinating around every corner.

If you’re looking for something fun and educational for your kids, this hidden gem is for you. Bring your whole family—and bring their friends too, group rates are available—and dive into the exciting adventure of aviation. Make sure to call ahead to schedule a tour to enhance your family experience. History isn’t made in the airplanes, but the heroes who designed, built, and flew them. The tour guides of MAPS are the most fascinating people you will ever talk to as they all have a personal story to tell. This museum is a non-profit run by volunteers, most of whom are faithful veterans of our country. You will leave there with knowledge and a feeling of excitement, thrill and a whole new respect for aviation. You’ll never look at an airplane the same again!

MAPS Air Museum is devoted to education for your kids. This past year has been extra exciting for MAPS as they partnered with Kent to create some more interactive exhibits for our kids. Now you can go and experience flight at its finest with a flight simulation exhibit. Also, they have built up a training board to use as an educational tool in teaching airport procedures. Paired together, you and your child are sure to have memories for years to come! All of this in your own backyard!

Need more educational activities for your kids? A pilot program was developed by members to focus on the requirements for the Boy Scouts of America Aviation badge for scouts. Through this program scouts learn the ins and outs of flying, the proper way to fly tethered aircrafts, and how to perform a preflight. They also get the opportunity to listen to speakers who have gone on specific flight missions and how that has given them the drive to never give up and to do everything with honor and class. This is a great opportunity for the next generation to learn and experience pride in our country.

Many people in Stark County don’t even know that this awesome place even exists! Just minutes from Akron Canton Airport they’re located on 2260 International Parkway in North Canton. Call them today to schedule a tour at (330) 896-6332. Around the corner is an adventure and educational experience waiting for you. This is one place your kids will be begging to visit again and again.

Looking for savings for the museum? Stop by or before you go! MAPS Air Museum truly is a hidden gem in North Canton that’s fun and educational for kids of all ages.

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