Mattress Showcase in Canton, Ohio is the Mattress Store for Back Support, Heat Relief & Savings

Your day begins the night before. If you’ve ever had a restless night, you know that’s a true statement. Discomfort from back pain disturbs countless people in North Canton, Ohio. And overheating stops many in Massillon, Ohio and Alliance, Ohio from sleeping soundly. While some nightly issues are health related and others are mattress made, a new mattress from Mattress Showcase can lay your problems to rest. The mattress store in Canton, Ohio is the place to buy a mattress that will soothe your body. With their extensive selection of Beautyrest Recharge mattresses, you can get the right mattress for back problems and a cool mattress that manages temperatures.

Tossing and turning take a toll on your body. The physical anguish is painful and frustrating as you try to find a soft spot, a firm place or a cool section in your bed. Watching the clock makes matters worse. Each time you look at it, you calculate how much sleep time you have left while the answer dwindles down to none. By morning, you’re as thankful that another awful night is over as you are exhausted and in store for a rough day.

If you’ve suffered one tortuous night in Massillon or dragged through one groggy day in Alliance or North Canton, you’ve already been through too much. Waking up with a stiff neck, a numb leg, sweat drenched hair, and a bad attitude do not set the tone for a pleasant, productive day. Mattress Showcase can help you start off feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of what life will throw at you.

The Beautyrest Recharge options at the mattress store in Canton blend the manufacturers’ Pocketed Coil technology, Air Cool memory foam, and TruTemp gel for back support, pressure relief, and temperature control. The coils are individually wrapped springs that adjust to your body while the memory foam softens the situation. Together, they make a new mattress from Mattress Showcase the best mattress for back and body pains. The gel absorbs and releases excess heat which creates a cool mattress and makes heated nights a thing of the past!

When you buy a mattress from your local mattress store you take control of your nights and dictate the start of your days. Get your new mattress now and you will also grab hold of savings. Mattress Showcase is offering $50 off any twin or full set and $100 off of king and queen combos. You could apply your discount to a cool mattress to comfort your wife or a mattress for back issues that bother you.

If you’re ready to get real rest, it’s time to get a new mattress from Mattress Showcase. Visit the mattress store and experience the soft, supportive touch and heat relief that Beautyrest Recharge provides. Mattress Showcase has the right mattress for back surgery patients in North Canton, Ohio and the cool mattress for a hot Mom in Massillon, Ohio or an athlete in Alliance, Ohio. But before you go to buy a mattress that will make sleeping easy, go to and print your coupon. If you’re seeking relief from a particular sleep ailment, call Mattress Showcase at 330.477.6611 and ask a sales rep to recommend the right Beautyrest Recharge mattress for you!

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