Merit Seed has the Perfect Seeds to Plant in the Spring in Northeast Ohio

Its winter again in Northeast Ohio, and the cold is setting in. However, now is the best time to look for seeds to plant in the spring. Merit Seed in Holmes County, Ohio offers a large variety of perennial and annual wildlife seed blends to help support the wildlife in your area! Many of these low maintenance seeds are ideal for your property in Tuscarawas County, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Just like you, animals need to maintain a healthy food source to live healthy, happy lives. Help your forest friends out this spring by planting some of this high protein forage for your deer neighbors. Some of these blends can even help support fawn growth! With Merit Seed’s wildlife blends, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve planted a great blend that will help support generations of animals to come.There’s a wide assortment of wildlife blends that can be planted in Holmes County from Merit Seed. One of these amazing blends is their Classic Whitetail Wildlife Blend. This perennial blend is perfect if you’re looking for seeds to plant in the spring. It consists of an excellent blend of clovers that have a good tolerance to Ohio’s varying weather. It’s great for an early source of abundant protein and energy for fast growth for fawn development! This high protein forage is also a low maintenance seed that does great in creek and river bottoms and is ideal for poor drainage fields. Another one of their great seed blends is their annual blend: Wilderness Wildlife Mix. This aggressive mix requires no maintenance and is excellent as an all season food source with great energy value. It is designed to be placed around your Tuscarawas County perimeter to encourage daytime use for large exposed food plots. Not only is it affordable, but the seeds are sure to grow thick and tall to offer nutritional benefits for all wildlife! You may have a couple more months, but don’t wait any longer to buy these great seeds for your Northeast Ohio home!

Whether you live in Holmes County, Ohio or Tuscarawas County, Ohio, these low maintenance seeds from Merit Seed are perfect for the wildlife on and around your property. These are great annual and perennial seeds to plant in the spring for the deer and other animals in the area that may be in need of some high protein forage in Northeast Ohio. Not only will you help feed your wildlife friends, but you’ll also help promote a healthy way of life for them through all the nutritional value these various forages have to offer. Interested in a Perennial Woodland Trail Mix or a Wilderness Wildlife Mix for your forest friends? Look no further than Merit Seed. You’ll find amazing seeds as well as numerous other items at this great location. For more information, visit their website at or call 330.893.2338/ 800.553.4713 today!

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