Merit Seed in Holmes County, Ohio Offers an Extensive Forage Seed Selection for Your Property Needs!

As the weather warms, more wildlife begins to emerge from their forest dwelling in search of a sufficient amount of food for themselves and for their growing young. Whether you’re looking to create the ideal hunting ground on your property or are just a nature enthusiast trying to create a food supply for your local wildlife, Merit Seed in Holmes County, Ohio can help. Merit Seed offers an extensive forage seed selection constructed of only the best quality seed available. If you’re looking to expand the use of your property, a forage food plot is a wonderful option. The ideal food plot naturally attracts wildlife, supplying them with a nutritional meal for the season or the year, depending on the forage you choose. Unsure of what’s best for the wildlife you’re looking to attract to your Sugarcreek, Ohio or Millersburg, Ohio residence? Whatever your questions may be, the friendly staff at Merit Seed will be happy to help!

Our local wildlife is an important part of our ecosystem, making the creation of adequate food sources very important as well. If you’re considering creating a forage food plot on your property, visit Merit Seed. Located in Holmes County, Merit Seed has an extensive forage seed selection ideal for planting this season! These forage seeds from Merit Seed can create the perfect plot to help you attract deer, turkey, or other local wildlife to your Millersburg or Sugarcreek property. Some of these seed mixes are perennial and others are annual, each possessing its own specific qualities to create wildlife forage filled with nutrients.

One forage seed type that is readily available from Merit Seed is their Wilderness Mix. This annual mix is a very aggressive growing mix consisting of forage oats, grains sorghum, buckwheat, forage peas, forage soybeans, proso and pearl millet. This blend creates an excellent all season food source with great energy value as it was designed to encourage daytime wildlife use for large exposed food plots. Just beginning your journey to create quality food plots on your property? This annual Wilderness Mix is perfect for beginners as it is both affordable and establishes very well in all soils! For a relatively easy to grow forage that offers nutritional benefits and naturally attracts wildlife, this Wilderness Blend from Merit Seed is the perfect choice!

Whatever forage food plot you may be considering planting on your property this season, know that Merit Seed has the quality forage seed selection to get you started. If you’re unsure of which seed selection is best for your property, feel free to speak with one of the friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Merit Seed –located in Holmes County, Ohio— has been assisting the local community with all their seed needs for more than 75 years, providing quality seeds for agriculture, forage plots, and more! If you have basic food plot questions or would like to learn a little more about how to prepare the soil for your upcoming endeavor in Millersburg, Ohio or Sugarcreek, Ohio, the staff of Merit Seed can happily help. To learn more about the wildlife seed blends Merit Seed carries to create food plots that naturally attract wildlife, visit or call 330.893.2338 today!

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