Morris Flooring & Design in North Canton Offers Natural Stone Tile for Various Renovation Projects

morris flooring_logoishBy Fiona Vernon

When renovating a kitchen or bathroom space, a lot of thought needs to go into the materials being used and how they will play into the overall interior design of the property. Although there are a lot of modern trends homeowners can incorporate into their residence, there is one material that never seems to go out of style: natural stone. For thousands of years, natural stone has been used to decorate the interior of buildings across the globe. Today, natural stone materials are still used to enhance the interior design of bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces in residential as well as commercial properties.

For this reason, many individuals seek to obtain the tile they need for their latest renovation project at Morris Flooring & Design. Many choose this location for all of their tile needs because they offer an assortment of affordable tile products that are hard to find anywhere else. This is because Morris Flooring & Design – located at 6335 Whipple Ave NW in North Canton, Ohio—imports their tile and other products from countries around the world. By incorporating such a widely unique selection of products into their inventory, this local business has been able to help more individuals from Akron to Carrollton and everywhere in between obtain the quality materials they need to complete their renovation project.

Morris_TileSample2Some of the natural stone tile products they offer at their North Canton location are marble and travertine. Both of these elegant stone materials are exceptionally versatile in use, making them an ideal option for both bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, marble and travertine can be used as tile flooring, wall tile, backsplashes, shower walls, shower floors, and much more. Although these stone materials can be considered high-maintenance, they provide a classic look that carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring isn’t always capable of producing. For this reason, marble and other natural stone tile products like travertine and limestone never go out of style. For homeowners in Hudson, Akron, Carrollton, and throughout the Northeast Ohio region that may consider reselling their property in the future, this is exceptionally important to note.

Morris_MarbleFloorHowever, knowing which of these natural stone tile products will best complete a specific renovation project can be difficult to determine based on appearance alone. In order to help make the selection process a much easier one for their customers, Morris Flooring & Design offers professional design services at their North Canton location. Through these design services, customers can get a visual idea of how the tile flooring, wall tile, and other tile products they have selected will look in their residence before it is ever installed. This can also help them get a better idea of what tile color and size will look best in their property.

Morris_StoneTile2Even though Morris Flooring & Design does not offer installation services for their tile flooring and other products, they do offer many top quality contractor referrals. Of course, there are still many individuals who prefer to install the floor tile or wall tile they have decided to purchase on their own. To help accommodate these individuals, Morris Flooring & Design stocks everything needed to properly install the affordable tile products they offer. Their knowledgeable staff is also happy to offer advice to Do-It-Yourselfers when it comes to finding the right products for their project, product installation, and more. With quality services and products like these, it’s no wonder so many individuals have chosen to invest in the affordable tile and other materials they need for their renovation project from Morris Flooring & Design.

To learn more about Morris Flooring & Design, visit their website at Otherwise, feel free to visit their physical location or call 330.526.6267 to speak to one of their knowledgeable staff members today.

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