Need Affordable Catering Service for Your Wooster, Ohio Event? Call The Pierogi Lady!

Even though hosting a party can be a lot of fun, it requires quite a bit of work on your part. Not only do you need to choose a venue and compile a list of guests, but you also need to think about buying decorations and preparing food! And those are just the tasks you need to perform before the event begins. Once the big day arrives, you’ll be so busy chatting with your guests and checking to make sure that everything is where it should be that you’ll barely have time to sit down! Rather than allowing the stress of your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; or Alliance, Ohio event get the best of you, why not enlist the help of a catering company and eliminate one task from your to-do list? Not only does The Pierogi Lady offer event catering, but they have some of the most reasonable catering prices in the area! If you’d like to serve up some fresh pierogies and other delicious treats to your guests without having to slave away in the kitchen or pay an astronomical fee, consider taking advantage of the affordable catering service from The Pierogi Lady!

The great part about hiring a catering company for your Cuyahoga Falls, Wooster, or Alliance event is that you can provide your guests with a wonderful meal even if you’re not the best chef. The Pierogi Lady may be best known for their selection of fresh, mouthwatering pierogies, but they actually have a wide assortment of dishes that they offer for event catering. From Mini Potato Pancakes with Salmon and Sour Cream, to Herb Stuffed Leg of Lamb, The Pierogi Lady has a number of gourmet options that you’ll be proud to serve to your guests. You can be sure that no matter what you order from this local catering company, it will be prepared with the same quality ingredients and culinary creativity that’s put into their fresh pierogies!

Along with giving you the opportunity to serve scrumptious foods at your event that you didn’t have to personally prepare, The Pierogi Lady allows you to save on your event catering as well! As The Pierogi Lady’s catering prices are extremely reasonable, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get the food you need for your gathering. In fact, the affordable catering service from The Pierogi Lady even extends to custom menus. If one of your guests has food allergies, or you simply want to put in a request for a specific dish, The Pierogi Lady would be happy to tailor your menu according to your wants and needs without sacrificing the catering price!

To learn more about what event catering from The Pierogi Lady entails, visit their website at By clicking on the link for their menu, you’ll be able to see what delicious dishes they have available in addition to their fresh pierogies. If you have any questions about catering prices or setup and tear down, give this local catering company a call at 330.690.2129. They would be happy to schedule a consultation if you’re interested in using their affordable catering service for your upcoming gathering in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; or Alliance, Ohio.

The Pierogi Lady
1289 Edison St NW
Hartville, Ohio 44632
Ph: 330.690.2129

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