Ohio Pools & Spas Brings Arthritis & Chronic Pain Relief to Your Home

For those who suffer from the aches and pains that accompany symptoms related to arthritis, tendonitis or fibromyalgia, there may be some pain relief found at Ohio Pools & Spas in Northeast Ohio. Hydrotherapy is the use of water—hot or cold, ice or steam—to relieve your body’s pain and discomfort. Hydrotherapy treatment is often recommended by medical professionals for chronic pains, and with an abundance of options of Hot Spring Spas and Finnleo Saunas at Ohio Pools & Spas, pain relief can begin right at home!

Warm water and steam offer multiple benefits to those who suffer from chronic pain. Induced sweating from a Hot Spring Spa or Finnleo Sauna helps move lactic acid out of the body. Raising body temperature also dilates blood vessels, thereby increasing and improving circulation. Hot Spring Spas combine the benefits of heat therapy with massaging jets to further relax muscles and joints, helping to rejuvenate the body throughout the day.

Warm water exercise offers a different approach to arthritis and chronic pain relief. The nearly weightless experience achieved with warm water exercise will reduce the amount of pressure on joints. Heat from a Finnleo Sauna or Hot Spring Spa can also reduce stiffness and swelling, helping to increase flexibility and range of motion. The Arthritis Foundation website offers additional information, as well as precautions to consider, such as water temperature and whether assistance getting in or out of the hot tub may be required.

The professionals at Ohio Pools & Spas are ready to help you select the proper product based on all of your needs. They will consider the primary purpose of your purchase, such as arthritis pain relief, and budget. Your location is also taken into consideration. Ohio Pools & Spas offers free, no obligation site consultations and can assist with determining the best size and location of your Hot Spring Spa, Finnleo Sauna, or above ground pool for your Northeast Ohio home.

Ohio Pools & Spas wants to help relieve the symptoms suffered from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other chronic pain right away! Visit them online at www.OhioPools.com or speak with a knowledgeable associate at your local Northeast Ohio store, and start a revitalized daily life today!

*Remember, before beginning hydrotherapy or any other pain management regimen, you should always check with your doctor or another medical professional to ensure that it is safe for you.*

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