One Solution Computer Networking & Repair in Canton, Ohio Has Backup Solutions for Businesses Near and Far, Large and Small

Backup Solutions may sound like a simple thing, but once you start researching them you will quickly find that there are almost as many different ways to protect your data as there are types of data to protect. So, how do you find the backup solution that is best for you and your business? That’s easy.  You call One Solution Computer Networking & Repair. If your business is located within thirty miles of their Canton, Ohio office, you can schedule a FREE Basic Network Audit. If you’re not in range, perhaps closer to the Cleveland, Ohio area, elsewhere in Northeast Ohio, or even across the country, you’re not out of luck. The experts at One Solution Computer Networking & Repair can work with you remotely or may even be willing to make an exception to the thirty mile rule. No matter what, it is well worth your time to give them a call, and see how they can help you to protect your company’s sensitive data and more with the best backup solutions in the business.

Size doesn’t matter. At least, not to One Solution Computer Networking & Repair. They work with everyone from small, independently owned local businesses to large corporations. Why? Because everyone needs these solutions! Your data is one of your business’ most precious resources, and you simply cannot afford to lose it or have it compromised in any way.

That being said, data is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Backup solutions are growing and changing each day to keep up with the many ways that businesses operate. One Solution Computer Networking & Repair stays abreast of the most current technologies to ensure that they are providing the best service available to you and your company. Your computers and servers are mission critical, and you can’t afford much downtime. Modern backup solutions will allow you to protect your data, along with the operating system and applications.

Not only is information easier to backup these days, but it is also easier to recover and restore. The purpose behind a backup isn’t some amorphous idea. The purpose behind a backup is to have an immediate, accessible solution in the event of data loss or damage. Backup tapes feel like a wonderful, tangible answer to the problem; however some reports indicate that the recovery failure rate of tapes is over 50 percent. Do you like having the same odds as a coin flip for your recovery?

So, the answer is simple, right? You’ll just go with an online backup. Unfortunately, that presents its own unique set of issues, not the least of which is speed. If you have ever moved any personal files, like maybe your music collection, to cloud storage, then you’re aware of the speed (or lack thereof) at which this process moves. It’s the same in reverse. Just as it probably took you four or five days to move a decent sized music collection (say, 3,000 songs?) to the cloud, it will take just as long to move all of those bytes of information back to your computer, server, etc.

Confused enough yet? The list of backup methods and their advantages and disadvantages goes on and on, and unless you are an expert in the field, you’ll be dizzied by information overload. Instead of playing roulette with your business’ backup solutions or putting your trust in the flip of a coin, contact One Solution Computer Networking & Repair in Canton, Ohio today at 330.617.8267 or find them online at

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