Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant: A Still Fresh Canton Classic

Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant is a well-known Canton, Ohio institution that has found ways to stay fresh while maintaining the classic tastes we’ve come to know so well. You will not find many Canton natives who have not visited this welcoming sit-down restaurant, and sampled its cuisine at least once.

Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant is owned and operated by the DiPietro family. This is the same family who brought their signature pizzas to Canton over 55 years ago when they opened Pizza Oven. With all Pizza Oven locations being delivery or carry-out, the need for a sit-down restaurant—and a broader menu—arose. Thus, Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant was created.

One thing that sets this restaurant apart from the many others that are located in the busy Westfield/Belden Village shopping district is that it remains a family-owned business. You can see the personal touches in everything from the décor to the service to the food. The atmosphere is homey, the staff is familiar and friendly, and the food is fresh and homemade.

When chain restaurants, particularly Italian places like Carrabbas and Bravo! Cucina Italiana, began arriving in Canton, Papa Bear’s took measure to ensure that they were more than competitive. The changes made to this Canton classic had visitors using words like “rediscovered” in online reviews and once again making recommendations to friends and family.

The restaurant was given a fresh look with new flooring, the addition of an outdoor dining area, and also a bar area. Despite the makeover, the changes were purely cosmetic. Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant continues to take great pride in offering their own special homemade tastes at exceptional prices. The chains that have come to the area simply cannot compete with this hometown favorite when it comes to getting the most for your money.

Another draw for Papa Bear’s is their ability and willingness to accommodate groups, large and small, as well as special requests and dietary needs. With the freshest ingredients around and dishes cooked to order, it is no problem for the staff to prepare meals to their customers’ specifications. The freshness is yet another check mark in the plus column for Papa Bear’s. You never feel as though you’re eating something that may be suffering from freezer burn because you’re not. And, while some reviewers have occasionally commented that the service could be faster, it is well worth the wait to have food that is freshly prepared, not reheated.

The restaurant seats 280 guests, and includes three private dining areas. The diverse menu, which of course includes Canton’s favorite Pizza Oven pizza, also features Italian and American fare. Specialty Italian dishes are available along with steaks, seafood, salads, and more. Even the dessert menu has hard to find Italian treats like homemade cannolis and spumoni, as well as more common favorites like New York cheese cake and apple dumplings.

Want to try these fresh dishes at home or another venue? Place a carry-out order or take a look at their catering menu for your next special event! Before you head over to Papa Bear’s website at for more information and to view the menu, stop by for the daily deals!

Papa Bear’s Italian Restaurant
4990 Dressler Road
Canton, Ohio 44718
Phone: 330.493.0090

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