Participate in Fun Glass Pendant Classes near Orrville at Canal Fulton Glassworks this Summer!

Are you looking for something new to try this summer? Why not consider trying something that others have been doing for hundreds of years: the art of glass blowing. Canal Fulton Glassworks offers a variety of classes to those in the Green, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio areas this summer to come in and try. One of these fun classes is their beginning glass blowing class. For a small fee, you’ll be able to learn this age-old art and can even participate in other glass working classes!

For those who love to wear their art, their glass pendant classes may be just what you’ve been looking for. Here, you’ll be able to create a beautiful work of art from colorful glass to give to someone special in North Canton or to keep for yourself! Canal Fulton Glassworks even offers affordable jewelry making classes this summer! If you’re looking for a creative class to join where you can create masterpieces with your own hands, contact Canal Fulton Glassworks today!

Although there are many art mediums to choose from, none are as spectacular as the art of glass blowing! Glass blowing is a form of sculpting that can take years to fully master. If you’re interested in learning this impressive art, Canal Fulton Glassworks can help with their beginning glass blowing classes. These classes are only available to those who have already participated in their glass paperweight class. After you’ve taken this class and are still interested in learning the art of glass blowing, resident artist Brian Graham can instruct you. Instruction involves 2 hours class intervals and typically lasts 6 weeks.

However, glass pendant classes are also available to those looking to create something beautiful they can wear! In these classes, students will try their hand at making an art glass pendant. This is done by applying and manipulating colored glass on a punty rod –not blown– to form a wearable piece of art glass. Pendants average about 1.5” round in size. Are you looking for a group experience for adults in the Green, Orrville or North Canton area? Canal Fulton Glassworks even offers an evening of hot glass, wine, and Hors D’Oeuvres. Just call for details!

Not interested in glass but still want to make something with your hands? Although Canal Fulton Glassworks is best known for their glass classes and works of art, they also offer affordable jewelry making classes. There are four types of metal jewelry you can learn to make:

  • Hammered Spiral Set
  • Hammered Spiral Bracelet
  • Galaxy and Love Knot Rings
  • Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelet

Each one of these classes will teach you how to make beautiful pieces of art that you can wear and show off! For these classes and more, there’s no better place to go this summer than Canal Fulton Glassworks!

There’s nothing quite like making the jewelry you wear with your own hands. If you’re looking to create unique jewelry pieces for you or someone you care about, consider taking one of Canal Fulton Glassworks classes this summer. Canal Fulton Glassworks is proud to offer affordable jewelry making classes to those in the Orrville, Ohio and North Canton, Ohio area where you can create wearable masterpieces. Also available are their glass pendant classes. However, if you’ve already taken their glass paperweight class and are looking to learn something a little more with glass blowing, consider their beginning glass blowing class for an even greater art glass experience. Whatever you decide to do this summer near Green, Ohio, let Canal Fulton Glassworks be a part of your plans! For more information, visit or call 330.854.2966 today!

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