Performance Apparel is More Than Leotards at The Dance-Wear House in Canton, Ohio

Physical performers are often admired for their versatility and creativity. The movement of dancers, the execution of cheerleaders, the flexibility of gymnasts, the timing of twirlers, and the range of choirs all earn rounds of applause. Before any of them dazzle a crowd, they practice for perfection and select performance apparel that helps them shine. In Northeast Ohio, they can all find what they need at The Dance-Wear House in Canton, Ohio. From cheerleading spankies for an Akron, Ohio squad and leotards for gymnastics students in Massillon, Ohio to ballet shoes, twirling batons, and show choir attire for performers in Alliance, Ohio. The Dance-Wear House has it all!

The selection of performance apparel at The Dance-Wear House is as versatile and creative as the performers they cater to. With more than 30 years of solid leadership, The Dance-Wear House staff understands performers’ needs and the importance of performing brands. Ballet, tap, and jazz dancers can find the Bloch and SoDanca dance shoes they want. And dancers and gymnasts can get coordinating leotards or select from Capezio, Motionwear or Eurotard styles. The Dance-Wear House also has the cover ups, dance shorts, pants, and special touches that help performers practice until its perfect and sparkle on recital night.

Cheerleaders in and around Akron can count on The Dance-Wear House in Canton for uniform accents, practice clothes, eye-catching accessories, and gifts. Crop tops, body suits, and mock turtlenecks are stocked as well as leotards for gymnastics and dance recital shoes. And The Dance-Wear House keeps a colorful spread of J.B. Bloomers to ensure perfect matches. Of course, squad leaders know that the best way to guarantee a seamless color pallet is to get everyone’s performance apparel from the same place. The experienced crew at The Dance Wear-House knows this fact too, so they welcome group orders and offer discounts for orders of four or more.

Twirlers near Massillon and Alliance will love the attention to detail that The Dance-Wear House gives to their needs. Cougar instep shoes, Starline twirling batons, and Starline baton bags are available along with performance apparel and accessories in multiple colors. If twirlers want their Cougars in a certain color or a unique bag size, The Dance-Wear House can get it all! They can also provide more than the standard twirling batons by special ordering fire batons and hoop batons upon request!

The Dance Wear-House stays on top of the latest trends in performing arts. The local store that knows how to tout tradition and embrace modern nuances is a one-stop shop for the growing number of show choir groups. Sure they harmonize and hit high notes, but these groups dance and perform in their communities too. The Dance Wear-House knows that robes don’t do it for this bunch, so they carry character shoes, briefs, tights, and even jewelry to accent show choir ensembles.

Whether you’re seeking to stock your studio with leotards for gymnastics or get coordinating cheerleading camp outfits for your squad, The Dance Wear-House is the place to go. From practice clothes to performance apparel, they can help you suit your group or accessorize your tiny ballerina. Hard to find items like leotards to fit every body size, custom-sized bags for twirling batons, and shoes for the guys in your show choir are no challenge for their experienced staff. They’ve been providing for performers and growing with the arts for over 30 years. The Dance Wear-House has what it takes to dress twirlers in Akron, Ohio, dazzle crowds in Alliance, Ohio, and impress recital audiences in Massillon, Ohio. Stop by their store in the Cable Shores Center or visit their website at to cover your basics and pick out your pizzazz. You can also call them at 330.497.9419 and ask about the savings that come with their loyalty program or place your special order today!

The Dance Wear-House
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