Prep Your Pool This Spring with Swimming Pool Salt from Vern Dale’s Water Center in Canton, Ohio

Those of us who have lived in Ohio for even a short period of time know that the seasons often jump from winter to summer, skipping spring almost completely. As temperatures around the Stark County, Ohio area are already warming up, many Green, Ohio and Malvern, Ohio natives are even starting to prep their pools for use! If you happen to have one in your own backyard, then you’re probably thinking about pool maintenance as well. However, if you have a salt water chlorine generator (SWGC) instead of a traditional chlorine system, the method for cleansing and testing the water pH balance is a little different. For starters, you use chlorine generator salt instead of liquid chlorine. As it’s been a while since you’ve filled up your pool, chances are that you don’t have any of this special salt left over. Thankfully, Vern Dale’s Water Center carries swimming pool salt from Diamond Crystal®, one of the most trusted brands on the market. By giving this Canton, Ohio water treatment company a call, you can obtain some of their Diamond Crystal® Splash Ready™ Pool Salt and get your pool ready in no time.

Though most Stark County residents know Vern Dale’s Water Center as a supplier of water conditioners and reverse osmosis systems, this local water treatment company carries a wide array of salt as well. From agricultural salt used to maintain the health of livestock, to deicing salt used to melt the ice that accumulates on driveways and sidewalks, this Canton business has virtually any kind of NaCl you may need. And that includes swimming pool salt, too!

If you have a pool in your Green or Malvern backyard, but recently switched from a traditional chlorine system to an SWGC system, then you may be at a loss when it comes to choosing the right chlorine generator salt. Lucky for you, Vern Dale’s Water Center takes the guesswork out of pool maintenance by offering Diamond Crystal® Splash Ready™ Pool Salt to customers in need. This type of high-purity swimming pool salt is recommended by manufacturers of SWGC systems as it helps to sanitize water while keeping a healthy water pH balance for pool users. Naturally free of additives, this chlorine generator salt is ideal for creating a safe pool environment. Not only does it dissolve quickly in water, but it doesn’t irritate the skin or eyes like regular liquid chlorine.

In addition to making pool maintenance easy, Vern Dale’s Water Center will also make it an affordable task as their swimming pool salt is available at a reasonable price. No matter how large the pool in your Green, Ohio or Malvern, Ohio backyard may be, this local water treatment company will allow you to get all of the chlorine generator salt you need for your SWGC system without having to spend a fortune. To learn more about the Diamond Crystal® Splash Ready™ Pool Salt available from Vern Dale’s Water Center and how it can help cleanse, sanitize, and manage water pH balance, visit If you have any questions about delivery or pricing, just give this Stark County, Ohio business a call at 330.455.9466. One call to Vern Dale’s and you’ll have everything you need to prep your pool for summer—or in our case, spring.

Vern Dale’s Water Center
3827 Kirby Ave NE
Canton, Ohio 44705
Ph: 330.455.9466

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