Prepare a Tasty St. Patrick’s Day Meal with Help from Canal Fulton Provision near North Canton, Ohio

Over the years, corned beef and cabbage has become the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal for those who choose to celebrate the religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland. However, what many don’t know is that this custom didn’t originate in the “Emerald Isle” at all! In fact, it was created by Irish immigrants who came to America and found that corned beef and cabbage was a cost-effective alternative to the smoked pork loin and potatoes they were used to eating at home. Despite how the tradition was started, sitting down with a plate of flavorful corned beef and seasoned cabbage is a regular practice among residents throughout Canton, Ohio; Green, Ohio; and the entire Northeast Ohio region—not to mention the country as a whole. If your own family chooses to observe this holiday by enjoying a delicious dinner, chances are you do the same. And luckily for you, Canal Fulton Provision just happens to have a nice selection of quality corned beef available at their shop near North Canton, Ohio! Even if your loved ones prefer a different type of main dish, a trip to this local butcher is in order. In addition to corned beef, Canal Fulton Provision can provide you and your family with smoked ham, fresh sausages, and a number of other premium cuts of meat!

Since Canal Fulton Provision is considered to be the local butcher of choice, it’s no surprise that they carry an impressive selection of quality corned beef on top of everything else. Made from the best cuts of beef and then treated with large-grain rock salt, the quality corned beef from Canal Fulton Provision is the perfect accompaniment to a plate of boiled potatoes and seasoned cabbage. In fact, it will quickly become a staple in your St. Patrick’s Day meal!

Of course, the staff members at this local butcher near North Canton know that not everyone cares for the rich, salty taste of this dish, which is why they have a number of other options available. Since corned beef isn’t technically a real Irish tradition, there’s no reason why you and your family can’t sit down with some fresh sausages or one of Canal Fulton Provision’s own smoked hams. Either of these tasty meats would make a great main course for your Canton or Green table this holiday.


Since this Irish holiday is coming up fast, now is the time to pick up all of the ingredients you need for your St. Patrick’s Day meal. What better place to start than everyone’s favorite local butcher, Canal Fulton Provision? Though this North Canton, Ohio area establishment always has plenty of smoked hams and fresh sausages in stock, it won’t be long before their selection of quality corned beef is nearly gone. So, when you get the opportunity, be sure to take the short trip from your Green, Ohio or Canton, Ohio home to Canal Fulton Provision.

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