Quality Hardware Guaranteed with JMark High Quality Cabinets at Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio

Let’s face it – we’ve all resided somewhere where either the kitchen cabinets were cheap and hard to look at, or the cabinets in the bathroom were of poor quality and failed to function correctly. Perhaps your last home in Barberton, Ohio fits that description. Not to mention, we’ve all had drawers that get stuck, cabinet doors that won’t close, and cabinetry that just doesn’t last. One company taking a stand against low quality cabinets is Windy Hill Hardwoods in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Featuring their exclusive line of JMark high quality cabinets, you can always count on particle board free cabinets, full extension drawers, concealed hinges, and soft glide drawer glides and hinges. Just a short car ride away from Louisville, Ohio or Hartville, Ohio, Windy Hill Hardwoods is the best cabinetry company to choose for your next project.

Because Windy Hill Hardwoods features their exclusive line of JMark high quality cabinets, you can always trust the quality of the cabinetry you’re getting from this company. They only use the best quality hardwoods, and don’t take any shortcuts to try and save money. They use solid hardwood doors and face frames, and only use particle board free cabinets, unlike other cabinetry businesses looking to save a buck. This means you can be assured that not only are you getting the best available quality for your money, you will have long lasting cabinetry in your Hartville or Barberton home that you can be proud of for years! JMark high quality cabinets also come in a terrific variety of styles and colors, making it convenient for you to find that perfect look for any room in your house.

Another great feature of Windy Hill Hardwoods is their commitment to quality through the hardware that they use. You can have finely crafted cabinets and drawers, but if the hardware isn’t equally as nice, the look and functionality suffers. This Canal Fulton company takes great pride in using quality hardware, such as installing concealed hinges with all of their cabinets. This ensures that the hardware lasts longer, but also, it does not distract from the beauty of the cabinets. Another feature is their full extension drawers, drawers that are installed with hardware that allows drawers to open past their back end for full and easy access. Don’t you wish you had these in your Louisville kitchen? Another wonderful feature is Windy Hill’s soft close drawer glides and hinges, which prevent slamming and unnecessary damage to your cabinetry. With a commitment to quality like this, who would choose this business for all of their cabinetry needs?

Remember, the difference between Windy Hill Hardwoods and many other cabinetry businesses is the fact that this company works hard to offer only the best quality cabinetry to their customers. With their exclusive JMark high quality cabinets, as well as their particle board free cabinets, you can always trust these professionals. For more information about their full extension drawers, or to see the available cabinet colors and styles for your Barberton, Ohio home, you can visit www.windyhillhardwoods.com. If you’re interested in getting full extension drawers for your Hartville, Ohio home, or wanting a consultation about soft close drawer glides and hinges for your Louisville, Ohio bathroom, call 330.837.4357 to speak with one of their friendly professionals today!

Windy Hill Hardwoods
4500 Erie Ave
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

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