Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping Keeps North Canton Roots While Branching Out with Technology

It isn’t always easy to reconcile technology and nature, but at Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping in North Canton, Ohio, you are just as likely to find a pair of hands toiling away on a keyboard as toiling away in the soil.

Rice’s roots go back over 70 years to a humble lawn and landscape business started by J.D. Rice in 1941. The business took root, and has grown into a 28 acre garden center and a tree farm with over 100 acres!

However, as times have changed, Rice’s Nursery in North Canton, Ohio has had to grow and change in other ways as well. While some businesses find it difficult to transition into the virtual world of online shopping, web media, etc. Rice’s has not only accepted, but embraced the internet.

So, how does a nursery, a business whose primary concern is green and growing things—landscaping, gardening, and more—things which are inherently part of our physical world, incorporate internet technology so seamlessly into their company, thereby creating the perfect marriage of the tangible and intangible realms.

Using your own personal technology, you can find Rice’s in quite a few places. Start with your computer, and visit their website. Here you can read more about the company’s roots, meet the team, find out what kind of gardener you are, or purchase a gift card for the green thumb on your gift list. You can also “Like” their Facebook page or subscribe to their YouTube channel. Moving on to your smart phone or other mobile device, and your can download the North Canton nursery’s mobile app. You can also connect with them on Linkedin, or “Follow” them on Twitter or their latest addition, Pinterest. You can even find deals on iShopStark.com! It is easy to see how this nursery and landscaping company has grown and spread throughout the internet, reaching far beyond their North Canton roots.

Despite this growth, Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping still maintains their North Canton hometown feel. Interactions, whether in person or on the web, are personable and friendly, and you still feel like you closed business with a handshake, even if you were on the phone. The dedicated team at Rice’s is committed to upholding the vision upon which the company was founded, and the roots from which it has grown: to serve with excellence, and to provide products, landscapes, solutions, and relationships that are sustainable and intrinsically valuable.

Rice’s Nursery is changing landscapes, both at homes and businesses throughout the North Canton area and online by embracing emerging technology. In fact, they are even hosting an upcoming seminar at their Garden Center on Social Media to help vendors and clients learn how to make technology work for them in gardening and the landscape industry.

To find out more about the seminar or to start preparing for your spring (it’s right around the corner!) gardening and landscape needs, contact Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping in North Canton today!

Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping
1651 55th St. NE
North Canton, OH 44721

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