Save on Dancewear & Share with the Dance Shoe Trade at The Dance-Wear House in Canton, Ohio

Dancers grow in many ways. Their agility and endurance steadily increase as their skills and muscles develop. For young dancers, sizes change too. And that requires trips to the dance store for dancewear that helps them grow gracefully. Fortunately for jazz, tap, and ballet dancers in Akron, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; and Massillon, Ohio, The Dance-Wear House is close by in Canton, Ohio. An ideal source of assorted and affordable staples and accessories, the one-stop dance shop also provides standing perks and surprising promotions. This month, dancers can participate in a shoe trade and save 20% off new dance shoes in exchange for an old pair. And in prime time for back-to-school shopping, leotards and skirts will be discounted with an extra benefit available to members of the store’s loyalty program.

That’s a lot to take in! So let’s break it down starting with the dance shoe trade. Open to all dancers no matter their age, size, or specialty, the shoe trade is a customer perk and community contribution. Obviously, saving 20 percent on dance shoes helps shoppers. But as The Dance-Wear House donates exchanged shoes to local organizations, the shoe trade helps less fortunate dreamers. By taking part is this promotion that will run from July 15 to July 27 you can cut your personal costs and increase someone else’s possibilities. Now that’s a win-win!

Next up is the sale on leotards and skirts at the dance store. Beginning on July 29 and running throughout the month of August, it’s also open to all dancers. Practice and performance leotards and skirts will be on sale for 20 percent less than the dance shop’s already low prices. For savvy shoppers in Akron, class instructors in North Canton, and Moms in Massillon with multiple dancers to dress, this dancewear sale is worth a ride to Canton! Especially for those who are members of the loyalty program at The Dance-Wear House because each loyalty card swipe will save you an additional five percent!

Not familiar with the loyalty program at the dance store? Well, behold the simple and beneficial specifics. The program is available to everyone who shops at The Dance-Wear House. Granted we’re talking dancers today, but cheerleaders, twirlers, and show choirs can get in on the savings too! To join, simply stop by The Dance-Wear House and sign up in minutes. Then, be sure to have your card swiped each time you make a purchase. That includes dancewear, cheerleading practice clothes, baton bags and items on your back-to-school shopping list. For every $300 you spend at the dance store, you will receive a $20 in-store gift certificate. And best of all, the one-time membership fee is only $2.50!

Convenience, savings, and community service make for a fabulous combination! Between the dance shoe trade, the sale on leotards and skirts, and the loyalty card rewards, shopping at The Dance-Wear House works! So plan to make the short trip from Akron, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio or a surrounding area to stock up on dancewear or jump start your back-to-school shopping. If you’re in need of particular items, look for them online at / or call the dance store at 330.497.9419 and chat with a member of the friendly staff.

The Dance-Wear House
5390 Fulton Road
Canton, Ohio 44718

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