Say Goodbye to Allergies, Odors and Bacteria with Home Pure Innovations’ Whole House Air Purifiers!

When it comes to our health we know what to expect depending on the season. In winter, we can expect to suffer from the common cold and the flu, while in the spring, we stock up on antihistamines to battle those dreaded allergies. But what many of us don’t realize is that we could minimize many of our health problems by investing in an air purifier to help improve our Stark County, Ohio home air quality. Luckily for us, the experts at Home Pure Innovations in Canton, Ohio are knowledgeable on not only the benefits of clean air, but also on which air purifiers that would serve to safely purify the air of your Uniontown, Ohio home.

Healthy living starts with the air we breathe and for many of us, we truly do not understand exactly how many airborne contaminants are present in our Stark County homes. Things such as dust, pollen, bacteria, spores and viruses pollute the air and lower your Uniontown home’s air quality. These air pollutants can potentially be harmful to the health of your family. It has been estimated that nearly 50% of all health problems, such as asthma, allergies and viruses are caused or worsened directly by these air pollutants.

Air purifiers are a fairly simple, safe, and quick solution to increase the air quality of your home and have your family enjoying the benefits of clean air. As air circulates throughout your home, the air is passed through the filter of the purifier. Acting almost like a net, it allows the air to pass through freely, while capturing the pollutants within it and purifying the air up to 97%. Not only will this help minimize the spreading illnesses within your home, but you will find that you have less problems with your asthma and allergies.

But what is the difference between one of Home Pure Innovation’s air purifiers and those standard HEPA filter purifiers that you can find in the greater Canton region?

With brand name purifiers from EdenPure and Greentech Environmental, Home Pure Innovations prides itself on being the only provider air purifiers that use catalytic oxidation technology, high levels of negative ionization and electrostatic filtration to clean the air of your home. This technology doesn’t just filter particles like most purifiers, it also helps eliminate pollution! From odors, smoke, bacteria, dust, pollen, viruses, pet dander and more, there purifiers serve to not only purify the air of your home but to help change your quality of life and how you feel!

No longer will you be plagued with the onslaught of colds and allergies, because at Home Pure Innovations, they serve to only provide ways for their customers to live a healthier way of life without having to break the bank. With two locations, in Canton, Ohio and Akron, Ohio, they are Northeast Ohio’s leading provider of alternative, healthier means of living from their state of the art air purifiers, infrared heaters and more. With their extensive line of air purification units, you can enjoy the many benefits from having clean air and better home air quality in your Uniontown, Ohio home. The time to start living a healthier life in Stark County, Ohio is now and at Home Pure Innovations, you can begin your first step towards that goal. Breathe easier and live better knowing what is no longer polluting your air!

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