Signs that You Need a New Mattress Lead to Savings at Mattress Showcase in Canton, Ohio

As we age, our bodies tolerate less pressure. And so do our mattresses. Combine an aging body with an aged mattress, and you have a recipe for bad rest and rough days. Consumer groups suggest that we buy mattresses every five to seven years. But knowing when to replace a mattress on your bed is best determined by your physical condition and disposition in the morning. If you wake up feeling stiff in Louisville, Ohio, still sleepy in Massillon, Ohio, or noticeably grumpy in North Canton, Ohio, you likely need a new mattress. And Mattress Showcase in Canton, Ohio is the local mattress store to turn to.

According to, mattresses also show physical signs that suggest it’s time for a change. A saggy or lumpy appearance leads the list of visual giveaways to which The Better Sleep Council adds exposed interior components. Yet, each group concedes that your body will reveal shortcomings in your sleeping arrangements long before you see springs.

One describes awaking to tired or achy feelings as a surefire sign that you need a new mattress. The other gives a nod to numbness and pain. And both say consumers should buy mattresses when they find themselves getting better rest outside of their own beds. That last one should stand out to all who have found that they sleep better in a hotel than at home.

But come to think of it, each of the indicators seems like an obvious cause for alarm. With job duties, family responsibilities, and personal agendas, days are tough enough. To compound the situation by cheating yourself of much needed rest is a lot like asking for additional issues. And if you’re embracing each day feeling like you need a neck brace or missing key points in morning meetings because you’re more asleep than awake, you clearly have extra issues. What’s also clear is that you need a new mattress and you’re due for a trip to mattress store in Canton.

Mattress Showcase offers a selection that covers virtually every sleeper’s personal preferences. Beautyrest, Tempurpedic, Englander, Simmons, and Symbol are among the brands you will find at the local mattress store. And with soft, firm, memory foam, temperature regulating, and adjustable bed mattresses in stock, consumers from Louisville, Massillon, and North Canton can all buy mattresses that support better nights and lead to better days.

Visit to find your key to meaningful sleep and valuable coupons. Then go to the local mattress store and tell a sales rep that you need a new mattress. The Mattress Showcase team understands poor sleep symptoms. They can make sure you buy mattresses that enable you to rise feeling rejuvenated. So take the short ride from Louisville, Ohio; Massillon, Ohio; or North Canton, Ohio and get professional input on your predicament. If your doctor or chiropractor has already suggested something specific, call Mattress Showcase at 330.477.6611 and ask if it’s on display!

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