Smokehouse Flavor Enhances the Quality Meats at Canal Fulton Provision in Stark County, Ohio

Have you ever had bacon straight from the smokehouse? How about freshly smoked ham or homemade sausage? These and other quality meats are available at Canal Fulton Provision in Stark County, Ohio. And whether you consider smokehouse fresh bacon, ham, and sausage old favorites or new craves, tasting the savory delights at this meat market is a must! One bite will lead to many orders for your family in Orrville, Ohio, your neighbors in New Franklin, Ohio, or your company in Perry Heights, Ohio. But then again, since we’re talking about Canal Fulton Provision we should probably say one whiff.

Why a whiff? Because the team at the meat market that’s close to your home smokes its quality meats on-site. Pass by, and the smell of slabs of bacon, homemade sausage, whole and semi hams simmering in unison will lure you in. Mixed with the scent of hickory, the tantalizing aroma may remind you of a different time. A time when meats were prepared slowly with care and precision as opposed to processed quickly and packed with preservatives.

If a mental comparison of those two methods makes you think the old-fashioned way is better, a visit to Canal Fulton Provision will convince you. The display case inside the Stark County meat market is filled with quality meats in excess of those we’ve mentioned thus far. Consider picking out a variety of beef, pork, and poultry for a family affair in Orrville or a corporate function in New Franklin or Perry Heights. Marbled steaks, bright pink pork chops, and plump chicken breasts included!

A fresh spread of lunch meats is also available at Canal Fulton Provision. Each sliced to order and sure to improve the taste and healthiness of midday meals. Now with the school year underway and work weeks unchanged, this portion of the quality meats available at the local meat market is worth exploring. In addition to the caliber of your choices, selection and price also contribute to that fact.

When you think about it, Canal Fulton Provision can improve each meal of the day and spice up special events too. From slab and sliced bacon to homemade sausage, smoked hams, fresh beef, pork, and poultry, the selection at the local meat market is truly comprehensive. Per its weekly specials and package deals, enjoying better quality meats is easy and affordable. So take the short ride from Orrville, Ohio; New Franklin, Ohio; or Perry Heights, Ohio and taste freshly made excellence today. If you’re curious about specials, packages, and prices, visit or call 330.854.3502.


Canal Fulton Provision
2014 Locust Street
Stark County, Ohio 44614

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