Solar X Tinting LLC Offers Commercial Tinting for Business in the Kent Area and Beyond!

Although window tinting is often associated with vehicles, many businesses in the Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas have had the windows of their buildings tinted. Why? Window tinting carries with it a variety of unique benefits that many have not yet discovered. For example, did you know that tinting the windows of your office building in the Kent, Ohio area could actually lower cooling costs in the building itself? By blocking out unwanted UV with tinted window glass, your cooling system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building. Furthermore, UV can actually cause damage to electronics, wood, and upholstery. If you haven’t invested in commercial tinting for your Medina, Ohio or Akron, Ohio office building, contact the professionals of Solar X Tinting LLC.  With their tinting installation services, they’ll be able to have your windows tinted quickly and efficiently.

After all, you want to make sure your office building is looking and functioning at its best throughout the year. With commercial tinting, you’re not only providing your building with lower cooling costs, but additional protection. How?  The windows of your businesses are designed to protect you and your staff from the elements. However, they are not often designed to withstand thrown objects from high winds and more.

The window tinting film Solar X Tinting LLC uses on the windows of commercial buildings in the Cleveland and Akron area is virtually shatter resistant. What this means is that if the glass of your window is broken, this tinting film will help keep it properly intact and reduce the chance of injury to you and your employees. Furthermore, this near shatter-proof film makes burglary almost impossible! No thief wants to spend hours trying to work through glass and film to break into a building, and that is why window tinting is such a great deterrent!

Tinted window glass also helps protect your employees further by eliminating the amount of harmful UV rays that regularly enter your building through the windows. After all, UV is known to damage skin, wood, upholstery, and even electronics! If you have a lot of electronics and other delicate equipment in your office building, using window tinting to protect them from unwanted UV is exceptionally beneficial. Tinted windows can also eliminate glare on tablet, laptop, and desktop computers, allowing your employees to be more productive in their work. If you’re from the Medina or Kent area and think you might be ready for tinting installation services for your commercial building, contact Solar X Tinting LLC.

With years of experience in the field, Solar X Tinting LLC has been providing individuals from the Cleveland, Ohio area and beyond with the tinted window glass they need to stay cool and protected. From vehicles to office buildings, they’re the place to call when you’re looking for tinting installation services you can rely on. Right now, they’re offering amazing prices on their commercial tinting services. Could your Akron, Ohio or Kent, Ohio office building benefit from these tinted windows? If you’re looking to lower cooling costs and update the safety of your building’s windows, contact the professionals of Solar X Tinting LLC. With their help, you’ll be able to reduce the level of unwanted UV entering your Medina, Ohio building while enhancing its appearance. To learn more about these tinting services and how they can improve your commercial location, visit or contact Solar X Tinting LLC at or 330.419.8512 today!

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