Soup Season Brings Fresh Soups to Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Uniontown, Ohio – A Surprising Seafood Source

Fall marks the start of several things in Northeast Ohio. For football fans in Green, Ohio and likeminded folks in Lakemore, Ohio, it confirms kickoff time. In other places including Hartville, Ohio, it starts the clock for sweet corn season. And with a visit to Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Uniontown, Ohio, everyone will realize that soup season begins in fall too. In fact, the creative market where locals find fresh vegetables, buy fresh seafood, and pick up hot meals is serving a minimum of five different fresh soups each week!

Soup season is serious business at Figaro Farms Fresh Market. So serious until the homestyle cooks on hand are preparing a mouthwatering variety of fresh soups – one for each day of the workweek with a chance for two on Fridays. The savory spread gives coworkers in Hartville reason to carpool for lunch. And drivers in route from Lakemore to Green have multiple reasons to pencil in a stop in Uniontown. Come to think of it, the list of fresh soups on the menu at Figaro Farms Fresh Market probably appeals to everyone in Northeast Ohio!

Figaro Farms Soup Season Menu

Monday – Chicken Noodle
Tuesday – Super Zuppa
Wednesday – Stuffed Pepper Soup
Thursday – Cabbage Noodle
Friday – Clam Chowder and/or Chili

If your first visit to Figaro Farms Fresh Market is during soup season, know that it won’t be your last. The unexpected array of fresh foods will grab your attention and prompt your return. Be it vegetables fresh from the fields or sandwiches and full meals fresh from the kitchen. You can expect to find a range of tasty options any day of the week. And this includes fresh seafood.

Clams, fish, and lobster are among the freshly caught delights that appear at Figaro Farms Fresh Market. For anyone who likes to buy fresh seafood and prepare it their way at home, this section of the selection will spawn excitement! From trout to walleye, you never know what’s been pulled from the water and made available to you. What you do know is that when you buy fresh seafood at Figaro Farms Fresh Market, the operative word is fresh and the prices will leave you impressed!

To find out if the soup’s done and which types of seafood await you any day of the week, call the market at 330.896.2220. You can also place lunch orders for your crew in Hartville, Ohio and make plans to buy fresh seafood for your family in Green, Ohio or Lakemore, Ohio. And while the fresh soups that signify soup season are exceptional, feel free to inquire about the other lunch specials. After all, this is Figaro Farms Fresh Market we’re talking about. Who knows what impeccable meals the endless flow of fresh foods inspired today!

Figaro Farms Fresh Market
180 East Turkeyfoot Lake Road
Uniontown, Ohio

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