Sportsmen from around Stark County, Ohio Are Still Participating in Kames Sports’ Hunting Competition

Though there are just a few weeks until the official start of summer, the spring hunting competition at Kames Sports is still going strong. If you didn’t register in time, rest assured that you can participate in next year’s competition. However, if you did sign up in order to show off your wild turkey hunting skills, then you should know that there are only a few days left until the competition is closed! Despite the fact that a significant number of participants throughout Uniontown, Ohio and the greater Stark County, Ohio area signed up for the contest, only a few have turned in their turkeys to this local sports store. By bringing your game to this North Canton, Ohio establishment now, there’s a good chance that you could walk away with a store gift certificate that you can use to purchase high-quality hunting and archery equipment!

Avid sportsmen throughout Uniontown and the Stark County area look forward to the contests held by Kames Sports every year, which is why it comes as no surprise to learn that over one hundred people signed up for their spring hunting competition. Not only does this contest allow the winner bragging rights, but it also gives three lucky individuals the opportunity to win store gift certificates. Sponsored by Duel Game Calls, the wild turkey hunting contest at Kames Sports is a great way for customers of this local sports store to save on their purchases!

The first prize winner of this hunting competition will not only receive a $100 store gift certificate from Kames Sports to use on hunting and archery equipment, or any other product they may want, but an award from Duel Game Calls as well! One of the manufacturer’s slate calls mounted on an engraved plaque…this is one award that the winner will undoubtedly want to show off! Of course, the second and third place winners won’t walk away empty-handed. To the person who finishes in second place, this North Canton sports store will be rewarding them with a $50 gift card. To the third place winner, a $25 gift card.

Though May 18th is the last day for participants to turn in their game, only six turkeys have been brought to Kames Sports so far. If you’ve already registered for this hunting competition, it’s time to get out to your favorite spot so you can bring home first prize! As only a handful of Stark County, Ohio residents have submitted their birds to this local sports store, you have a real chance at winning one of their store gift certificates. If you need to visit Kames Sports to pick up some hunting and archery equipment, take the trip from your Uniontown, Ohio area home soon! Wild turkey hunting season will be over soon, and you have just days until the contest closes on the 18th and the winner is announced on the 24th!

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