Start Grilling with Premium Chicken, Burgers, and Ribs from Canal Fulton Provision near North Canton, Ohio

Though we had a couple of cold days last week, it should be safe to say that spring has finally come to our area. With that in mind, you may want to take advantage of the nice weather by planning an outdoor gathering in your Orrville, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio backyard. And what better way to welcome the new season than by doing some outdoor grilling at your event? With some premium chicken, burgers, and ribs from Canal Fulton Provision, you can give your guests a delicious meal of barbecue meats that they won’t soon forget! And since this North Canton, Ohio area retailer is known for offering seasonal grocery specials, you’re sure to find all kinds of meat deals by paying them a visit now!

If there’s one thing that people enjoy more than outdoor grilling, it’s being able to prepare a mouthwatering meal without having to spend a fortune. And that’s precisely what Canal Fulton Provision allows you to do! Residents from around the North Canton area appreciate the fact that this local retailer offers seasonal grocery specials on some of their most popular products. While big box stores carry low-quality barbecue meats, and other specialty stores charge an arm and a leg for premium chicken, burgers, and ribs, Canal Fulton Provision ensures that customers can get the proper ingredients for outdoor grilling at the right price.

Take their current meat deal, for instance. If you take the quick trip from your Orrville or Wooster home to Canal Fulton Provision this month, you can save on everyone’s favorite barbecue meat—St. Louis-style pork ribs! These premium ribs would be perfect for your upcoming event as no one can resist the taste of tender, sauce-covered pork ribs. And at just 2.99/lb, this is one meat deal you won’t want to miss out on! All you have to do is visit Canal Fulton Provision’s page on and print off their coupon to get a great bargain on this pork product.

Of course, the most successful backyard parties are those with more variety when it comes to refreshments. Luckily, Canal Fulton Provision carries premium chicken and burgers as well! Though the seasonal grocery special they’re running now is for ribs, that doesn’t mean their other meat and poultry products are expensive. Not by any means! By heading over to Canal Fulton Provision now, you’ll be able to purchase juicy burgers and succulent chicken at a reasonable price.

Though the temperatures are just starting to climb, there’s no better time to do some outdoor grilling in your Orrville, Ohio or Wooster, Ohio backyard. So, if you really want to impress your party guests with your culinary skills, make sure you have the barbecue meats and other ingredients you need to prepare a fantastic meal this season. To learn more about the current meat deal from Canal Fulton Provision, visit their page on If you have any questions about their seasonal grocery specials, give this local retailer a call at 330.854.3502 or 1.800.321.3502. Just make sure that you pay this North Canton, Ohio area shop a visit soon to pick up some of their premium chicken, burgers, and ribs.

Canal Fulton Provision
2014 Locust St
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
Ph: 330.854.3502 / 1.800.321.3502

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