Start Your Home Remodeling & Interior Decorating Projects at the Habitat Restore in Canton, Ohio

Summer brings with it an unexplainable energy. It charges us to see and do new things that employ our imaginations. For some, the desire for imaginative new looks and experiences spawns hiking trips. For others, it’s home remodeling and interior decorating projects. And when people in North Canton, Ohio and Canal Fulton, Ohio want new color schemes, they head to the Habitat Restore in Canton, Ohio. And so do those in Massillon, Ohio who decide to emulate pictures from magazines. That’s because the Habitat Restore is always filled with surprises and unexpected finds. Remodelers can buy carpet and new paint just as designers can get used furniture at prices that leave room for accents!

If you haven’t been to the Habitat Restore lately, you’re overdue for a treasure hunt! Frequent visitors describe the well organized store as a neighborhood of garage sales under one roof. We can’t say for certain, but it is believed that the variety of items at budget friendly prices make that description fit. After all, the Habitat Restore is known for having used furniture to suit every room, and visitors can sometimes find home windows, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom sinks too!

By covering all categories to some extent, the Habitat Restore is an ideal starting point for home remodeling and interior decorating projects. Young couples from North Canton and Canal Fulton can find new paint and buy carpet to create in-law approved guestrooms. Families from Massillon can do the same for living rooms and basements. And should those with teenagers act now while school is out, their home remodeling projects can be group efforts!

The possibilities are endless for shoppers at the Habitat Restore in Canton. Large items like beds, sofas, and kitchen tables can be discovered among the used furniture just as easily as artwork, lamps, and other accent pieces. And when you’re creating your own version of an interior decorating scene you’ve seen elsewhere, options are important. Factor in new paint and buy carpet that compliments your affordable picks, and your place will be picture perfect!

If your curiosity is getting the best of you, check out the Habitat Restore online at or call 330.493.0011. You can get an idea of the categories typically covered at the affordable home store before taking the short ride from North Canton, Ohio; Canal Fulton, Ohio; or Massillon, Ohio to embark on your treasure hunt! Once you’re there, the staff can help you find what you need for your home remodeling or interior decorating project. And they can also step aside as you explore the store. Exploring may be best since there is so much to see! From building materials to appliances and assorted used furniture. No matter what you choose, be sure to pick up your new paint and buy carpet that pulls your look together!

Habitat Restore
4525 Cleveland Avenue NW
Canton, Ohio 44709

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