Stoller Floors near Dalton, Ohio Offers Family and Pet Friendly Flooring for Households Across the Region

Stoller_LogoBy Fiona Vernon

Households with children or pets know that spills and accidents are bound to happen at some point. Unfortunately for those homeowners in Seville and beyond with traditional carpeting in their residence, these spills and accidents can lead to stains and odors that are impossible to remove due to the absorbent nature of the carpet’s fibers. In cases like these, many choose to replace their home carpeting with newer flooring. Although there are many flooring options available on the market today, Stoller Floors –located at 1773 N. Main Street in Orrville, Ohio– encourages homeowners to consider investing in SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting by Mohawk.

Unlike some residential flooring products, SmartStrand Forever Clean was designed with families in mind. In fact, this type of family and pet friendly flooring was designed with built-in stain protection to make it up to three times easier to clean than traditional carpeting products. For households that often find a spill or dirt in need of cleaning up on their carpeting, SmartStrand Forever Clean’s resistance to staining could be exceptionally beneficial. For households with pets, this resistance to staining could be even more beneficial.

stoller floors_pet2After all, smells and stains left behind by pet accidents can be some of the worst for homeowners to handle—especially if it settles into the fibers of the carpeting itself. With SmartStrand Forever Clean, their Nanoloc technology prevents pet urine and other spills from locking into the core of the carpet fiber to become a permanent mark on the flooring for all to see. Furthermore, this stain resistant carpet has 0% moisture absorption to help eliminate the possibility of musty or dingy odors developing.

Even though SmartStrand Forever Clean is an exceptionally durable home carpeting product, it is also luxuriously soft. As such, many homeowners in Seville, Mount Eaton, Canal Fulton, and beyond have chosen to invest in this residential flooring for their property. Right now, Stoller Floors near Dalton is offering this pet friendly flooring in a variety of different colors to accommodate a wide range of interior designs. This SmartStrand Forever Clean Flooring is also available in Silk and Ultra for those who prefer a softer type of carpeting in their residence. Best of all, each of these flooring types comes with an All Pet Protection & Warranty.

Stoller_FamilyCarpetThrough this warranty, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpeting is covered for all types of domestic pet accidents all the time for the lifetime of the carpeting.  If permanent staining should occur and is unable to be removed by a certified carpet-care professional through recommended methods of cleaning, Mohawk will handle it as stated in the limited liability section of their warranty guide. With quality benefits like these, it’s no wonder so many individuals from Canal Fulton, Dalton, Mount Eaton, and beyond have chosen to invest in this stain resistant carpeting at Stoller Floors.

To learn more about Stoller Floors, visit their website at Otherwise, feel free to call 330.683.4763 or visit their physical location to speak with one of their friendly staff members today.

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