Summer Pet Care Tips from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Rittman, Ohio Keep Pets Healthy

The long hot days of summer don’t have to be hazardous to your pet’s health. A little precaution can go a long way in protecting your pet from seasonal health threats. That’s why the pet care experts at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge are sharing summer pet care tips. The clinic is located in Rittman, Ohio, and it serves domestic and exotic pets from Doylestown, Ohio; Sterling, Ohio; and surrounding areas. This is where you can find a local veterinarian to care for all of your pet’s health needs.

Any talk of summer pet care tips must cover cars. Parked cars are potential death traps during hot summer months because temperatures inside cars can easily climb to 120 degrees on a sunny day. Just consider the average heat index on any summer day. This measure of external temperatures often tops 100 degrees in places like Doylestown and Sterling. Now, think of what your pet could endure inside of a car and you’ll probably agree with the experts at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge in Rittman – leaving your pet in the car is not the best idea.

If you absolutely must leave your pet in the car, provide water and open windows and vents as wide as possible without providing an escape route. Check the car every 10 minutes to see if your pet is panting, has an anxious expression, or any other sign of heat stress. Signs like warm dry skin, a rapid heartbeat, and vomiting, for instance, mean your buddy’s in trouble. A quick cool down by immersing them in water or spraying with a garden hose can help. But you should find a local veterinarian to check your pet for heat stress trauma immediately.

Beyond keeping your pet out of extreme conditions, summer pet care tips from the team at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge include grooming and vaccinations among key points. Check the list below to be sure your protecting your furry friend from the summertime blues.

Summer Pet Care Tips

  • Keep your pet’s kennel well ventilated and positioned near a well shaded area where your pet can avoid midday sun and heat.
  • Avoid excessive exercise during hot weather. Overexertion commonly causes heat stress.
  • Keep plenty of fresh drinking water available at all times.
  • Be sure your pet is vaccinated against infectious diseases.
  • Lawn herbicides can poison pets. Keep your animals out of the yard while spraying herbicides and for three days afterward.
  • Pesticides can also poison pets. While rodents, snails and slugs are not out to get your pet, the poisons that kill these pests are lethal to dogs and cats who enjoy snacking on the bait.
  • Keep your pet well groomed. Long hair and hair mats need to be clipped to help cool your pet and prevent skin disease.
  • Declare war on fleas. Ask your veterinarian for the most effective and cost-effective flea control programs. Don’t waste money on over-the-counter products that don’t work.

Following these summer pet care tips can help your pet avoid a number of issues. And timely wellness checks at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic & Lodge can help them achieve optimal health and live happier lives. To find a local veterinarian to care for your domestic or exotic pet, go to or call 330.925.4910. It’s conveniently located near Doylestown, Ohio, Sterling, Ohio, and neighboring areas. With a staff that truly cares, this clinic is the right choice for your pet.

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