Surprisingly Cool Benefits of Window Tint Are Yours with Solar X Tinting, LLC of Medina, Ohio

The benefits of window tint can be surprising. Sure, these thin layers of colored film enhance the appearance of cars and trucks. Window tint can also provide increased privacy at homes in Rittman, Ohio and Wooster, Ohio as it does in places beyond Wayne County, Ohio. But did you know that adding window tint can help keep your car cool, or that it ranks among ways to cool your home? No? Well, read on as we explore these surprising benefits as explained by the tinting team at Solar X Tinting, LLC in Medina Ohio.

What is Window Tint, Exactly?

Window tint is an extremely thin film made of a polyester base and a scratch resistant coating. Some forms of the film employ multiple polyester layers that are each just millimeters thick. Patented additives enable manufacturers to introduce the sun shielding characteristic of window tint that we’re discussing today. It’s because of the sun blocking benefits of window tint that the popular product is formally known as solar control film.

The Cool Factor

The additives in window tint reflect sunlight and absorb heat. Those that reflect sunrays are called metalized films. Metalized means that the polyester base we mentioned a moment ago is embedded with varying types of reflective metals although newer metalized films use advanced ceramics. Absorbing films are dyed films. This type literally soaks up heat, keeping it out of your home or car. These benefits allow window tint to reject as much as 60 percent of external heat and filter nearly 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, depending on the type of tint you choose.

More Benefits of Window Tint

Now that we’ve established that window tint belongs on the lists of ways to cool your home and ways to keep your car cool, consider your interior assets. Car upholstery and plastic components like home window treatments and furnishings can be cracked, faded and all but ruined by powerful sunrays. But with the heat stopping and sunlight blocking benefits of window tint, items in your car and home can be protected. Give a moment’s thought to the fierce summer sun that blazes over Rittman, Wooster and the rest of Wayne County, and window tint probably seems like a bright idea!

The tinting team at Solar X Tinting, LLC also points out that while window tint can protect your possessions, it can also protect you. Yes, by working to keep your car cool and listing among ways to cool your home. But also by shielding you from UV rays that are known to cause skin cancer. This plus safer driving minus the glare of sunlight definitely belongs in any chat about the benefits of window tint. To find out more or to make a tinting appointment, call 330.419.8512 today. Solar X Tinting, LLC serves Rittman, Ohio; Wooster, Ohio; and your part of Wayne County, Ohio as well. And cool protection with a clean, seamless look is a budget friendly benefit you’ll appreciate at home or on the road!

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