Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts: Dover, Ohio’s Choice for Amish-Made Patio Furniture and More

The summer season brings more than just higher temperatures and sunny skies; it gives homeowners the opportunity to really enjoy their outdoor spaces. With the right home furnishings, you can turn your Massillon, Ohio or Bolivar, Ohio backyard into the ideal area for relaxing or entertaining guests. Picture the exterior of your home being lit up with battery-powered candles that last for hours, taking it all in from the comfort of your outdoor chair as you sip on an ice-cold glass of lemonade that you rest on the surface of your beautiful outdoor end table. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually a lot easier to obtain than you think. As the Dover, Ohio area’s top choice for Amish-made patio furniture, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts has the Luminara candles, seating, and other charming décor you need to turn your vision into a reality.

By stopping by this family-owned establishment near Dover, you can pick up a wide variety of cozy, well-made pieces to use in your own backyard. Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts is filled to the brim with all kinds of home furnishings for both indoor and outdoor use, from decorative picture frames to outdoor chairs and end tables. Perfect for those who prefer a more chic country style, the pieces offered at Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts help to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in whatever area of your home you decide to redecorate.

While the home furnishings available from Swiss Country would make a great addition to the interior of your Massillon or Bolivar home, it’s well worth a trip to see what can be done to revamp your backyard. As they specialize in Amish-made patio furniture, they carry a number of outdoor chairs and end tables to suit virtually any style.

Crafted from premium materials, the Amish-made patio furniture at Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts is designed for comfort and durability. Possessing both poly and wooden sets, this locally-owned establishment gives you the opportunity to choose the pieces that best fit your home and lifestyle. Whether you enjoy bright colors or subtle earth tones, you are sure to find some outdoor chairs and end tables that will allow you, your family, and guests to bask in the sun’s rays while relaxing outside this summer

Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts even carries Luminara candles that you can use in your backyard to create a sparkling landscape of twinkling lights. These battery-powered candles have a five-hour timer and approximately 500-hour battery life. By simply setting up a few around your yard and popping in two D batteries, you can light up your lawn and continue to enjoy summer evenings long after dark.

The battery-powered Luminara candles from Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts are an affordable and convenient way to bring light to any part of your Bolivar, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio home, including the backyard. When you incorporate a few in your own space, you can create an almost whimsical atmosphere while shedding light on your attractive outdoor chairs, end tables, and other home furnishings. Why not stop by this Dover, Ohio area establishment to pick up a couple and peruse their selection of Amish-made patio furniture? Have any other creative ideas for summer decorating? Then comment below and share some of your thoughts before heading over to Swiss Country!

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