Cook up a Traditional New Year’s Eve Dinner with Help from Canal Fulton Provision in Stark County, Ohio

Though it may seem as though you’ve been stuck in the kitchen for eternity, there’s really only one more holiday for which you need to cook this year—New Year’s Eve. If you’ll be hosting New Year’s Eve dinner at your own Canton, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; or Green, Ohio home, chances are you’ll be preparing pork and sauerkraut, a traditional meal among those of Eastern European descent. Thankfully, this is a fairly simple dish with a short list of ingredients. And the best part? You can pick up homemade sauerkraut and boneless pork at Canal Fulton Provision! Since this Stark County, Ohio establishment is considered one of the best meat and poultry shops around, you can trust that any ingredients you purchase there will be of the highest quality possible.

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