Merit Seed has the Food Plot Seed You Need for Your Carroll County, Ohio Property!

If you love outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, you’ll want to visit the Eastern Ohio Hunting & Fishing Expo in Sherrodsville, Ohio! There will be camping, country music, and a multitude of hunting and fishing exhibits for you to browse. Not only will you be able to find the hunting and fishing equipment you’ve come to love, but you’ll also be able to find other quality products to assist in your Carrollton, Ohio wildlife needs. Some of these quality products will be available from Merit Seed!

Merit Seed is happy to offer their selection of quality food plot seed to help you create the perfect hunting spot on your own property! How? By establishing a place for your local wildlife to graze, you encourage them to continue to visit the same location time and time again. Not only will you create a location for them to frequent, you’ll also be able to help keep them healthy by offering them a nutritious meal. If you’re looking to create a deer food plot on your Carroll County, Ohio property, visit Merit Seed at the Eastern Ohio Hunting & Fishing Expo July 12th and July 13th!

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