One Solution Computer Networking & Repair Is Canton, Ohio’s Support Center for Everything from Community Foodbank Drive to PC Repair

One Solution Computer Networking & Repair does a great deal of business online, which allows them to have customers all over. Nevertheless, in Canton, Ohio, they are dedicated to supporting local residents with PC repair, and the community with sponsorship of an Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank food drive and other community service.  They give back in whatever way they can, and just as they offer service and support to their clients, they also offer it to the community.

One Solution Computer Networking & Repair is a full service IT company that works with individuals and businesses to provide PC repair, networking solutions, managed services, and more. If you are looking for desktop or network solutions, you will only need to contact one company because they do it all. In many cases you may have a system that is designed by one company, sold to you by another, and installed by an unknown subcontractor. Then, when you need assistance, you have to contact someone entirely new for support. This is not the case with One Solution Computer Networking & Repair. They will be with you every step of the way, installing and supporting systems that they designed. Continue reading