Glen F. Buttacavoli, VA Accredited Attorney, Is Your Massillon & Canton, Ohio Guide to Veteran Benefits

Are you the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran in the Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio area? Has anyone talked to you about eligibility for the Aid & Attendance benefit as part of the Improved Pension? Have you, a veteran or a surviving spouse, put off applying for benefits because you believe that you would not qualify because you own your home and/or vehicle(s)? However, financial eligibility specifically excludes your home and vehicle(s) from the amount of your assets. There are so many factors that are taken into consideration, and ones that are excluded, that you’d have to be an expert in veteran benefits to keep track. Luckily, VA Accredited Attorney Glen F. Buttacavoli is just such an expert, and he is only a phone call away! Continue reading

Glen F. Buttacavoli, VA Accredited Attorney, Helps Stark County Are Veterans Attain Aid

Like so many other assistance programs, Veteran Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits are not widely understood, and the application process can be daunting. Glen F. Buttacavoli is a Stark County Elder Law Attorney, as well as an Accredited Attorney for the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are a veteran or a surviving spouse, Glen F. Buttacavoli can help you to attain the aid to which you are entitled, and ease the financial burden on you and your loved ones.

What does it mean to be an accredited attorney by the Department of Veterans Affairs? Accreditation is the authority, granted by Veterans Affairs, to assist claimants in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for benefits.

Why is this important to you? While other attorneys may advise clients regarding matters of benefits, they cannot actually help to apply for or attain your benefits. Accredited attorneys, like Glen F. Buttacavoli in Stark County, have been granted the authority to not only advise their clients, but to actively assist them and pursue their claims. Continue reading