Bring The Pierogi Lady Handmade Pierogies & Homemade Family Recipes to Your Summit County, Ohio Table!

Sundays…if you’re lucky enough to have grown up in a big ethnic family, then you know that Sunday is a day to gather and spend time around the kitchen table…laughing, sharing stories, playing cards, being together, and (of course), enjoying family recipes, like homemade pierogies! The Pierogi Lady at The Hartville Marketplace in Hartville, Ohio had a familiar memory as a child. Autumn Johnson, THE actual Pierogi Lady, shared that family would come from Akron, Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and all over the Summit County, Ohio area on Sundays to her “grams” house for a hearty helping of delicious handmade pierogies. And as she grew older, she tried to keep the family tradition alive, but pierogies in a box in the freezer section were nothing compared to her “gram’s” family recipe. And that is when Autumn Johnson decided to become The Pierogi Lady! Continue reading