Hollinger Tree Service: 24/7 Local Tree Service & Maintenance in the Greater Canton, Ohio Area

The following is a true story.  Or, well, it’s a potentially true story, anyway.  After a long vacation on a tropical island, it was time to fly back to beautiful Stark County, Ohio. After a long flight, the short cab ride from the airport seemed even longer. As the tired travelers pulled into their driveway in Louisville, Ohio (though this tale could have easily taken place in Canton, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio) the cab came to a screeching halt! Across the driveway lay a 100 year old oak tree. Unable to drive any further, the cab driver unloaded six pieces of luggage and sped off into the North Canton, Ohio (what? It could happen there, too!) night leaving the sleepy vacationers to trudge up the driveway balancing all of their luggage. Yes, vacation was over! But instead of the worrisome questions that most people would start asking like, “How am I going to get to work in the morning with my driveway blocked.” or “Who can take care of this problem at this hour,” the smart homeowners knew that local tree service and maintenance company Hollinger Tree Service was the next call they were making! Continue reading