Gutter Helmet Answers the Call for Maintenance Free Gutters and Gutter Protection in New Philadelphia, Ohio and Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Most people in New Philadelphia, Ohio and the surrounding Tuscarawas County, Ohio area are told to get their minds out of the gutter. But, Bob Demartini has spent a career with his mind firmly planted in the gutter! Maintenance free gutters with gutter protection by Gutter Helmet, that is.

Bob Demartini, an MIT graduate and the founder of Gutter Helmet, has made a career out of an idea that was first conceived in the 1960’s. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) that idea would be put on hold for nearly 20 years while Bob gained knowledge and training in product development with companies like General Electric. Finally, in 1979, Bob retired and devoted his time developing the first professional-grade gutter protection system: Gutter Helmet! Two years later, in the fall of 1981, the first of what would become several U.S. patents was granted and the phrase “Never Clean Your Gutters Again” would become the spoken truth to millions of homeowners. Continue reading